Hashimotes is a type of thyroid condition, where hormones are low, not high, so Iodine is good to take, especially from sea kelp. But if a person has Graves (hyperthyroid) issues, then they need to avoid iodine (and sea kelp). Now cruciferous can deplete iodine (but in a very minor way). However, you would have to consume a tremendous amount of it to have this happen. And because it has any iodine depletion effects, I have added Sea Kelp to my Organic Cruciferous Food product. The big benefits of cruciferous for thyroid health has to do with estrogen. Cruciferous tends to balance excess estrogen in the body and clean it up if its in the wrong places. And one of the causes of a slow thyroid is excess estrogen. This is why you see a woman developing a thyroid condition after pregnancy, due to the spike of estrogen.
Lupus is an autoimmune problem, which means the body is attacking itself creating a constant state of inflammation. However, there are things you can do to support a healthy immune system, which are supporting the system that controls White Blood Cells (WBCs). Your adrenal glands control WBCs and anything done to support healthy adrenals would indirectly support the immune system. I recommend the Adrenal Night formula: https://shop.drberg.com/adrenal-fatigue-formula-regular The other recommendation would be vitamin K2 & D3. Take 1 to 4 in morning only with your first meal. https://shop.drberg.com/d3-k2-vitamin-regular
No - there is no problem. However, 1. Only take the Adrenal Night before you go to bed. 2. Do not take sea kelp IF you have a hyperthyroid condition. Other than that - there is not any problem taking things together.
Yes, but there is always a primary body type. You have to look at the hormone system as an entire system of 12 glands. When one becomes weak, the others can follow. The thyroid is most commonly secondary, because high estrogen (ovary type) and liver dysfunction can both slow the thyroid. If it doubt, start with the adrenal body type since it is most commonly a primary problem since many situation start with a stress event.
No - if you take a small amount of Nutritional Yeast, you should be fine. But do not mix this up with brewers yeast.
There is some data floating around that eggs are high in arachidonic acid, which can cause inflammation. If you get organic pasture-raised eggs, you will not have a problem.
Not good. If I were you I would start buying pellegrino water and add 7 drops of liquid stevia (coke flavor) - thats what I do.
Gallbladder Formula is not designed for acid reflux, but more for bloating. For acid reflux, add Betaine Hydrochloride from the health food store at 3-5 per meal. The only time you would not use this is if you had an ulcer. For people who do not know they have an ulcer, I would recommend taking Betaine Hydrochloride and just see if you feel better or worse. If you feel better, then we know its the right thing, if you feel worse, go and get a deeper evaluation to see if you have an ulcer. If there is an ulcer, I recommend Chlorophyll and cabbage juice to help support it without adding Betaine Hydrochloride.
Yes - especially if you one have one. These are designed to support healthy adrenals.
Yes, they are whole food. They are now called Adrenal and Cortisol Relief(Adrenal Day) and Sleep Aid (Adrenal Night)
Take only 1/2 capsule before bed of the Adrenal Night formula. Open up the capsule and sprinkle 1/2 into some peanut butter and consume that and see if that handles the excessive sleep now. For some people even 1 is too much. The pain in the base of the neck could be related and lets see if it goes away after taking less.
That would be a general thing to do, BUT instead of taking those, I would take the Gallbladder Formula first - because itching is usually liver unless it's itching in your private parts in which case I would take my liquid probiotic.
Take Magnesium and Potassium for sure.
That is a specialize....and very expensive test to do. So I did not have it done.
Yes, meletonin does inactivate the Pineal, so you're going to have to re-activate it - make sure you get some fully spectrum light (sun) in your eyes during the day and make sure it's completely black during the night.
This means you need Betaine Hydrochloride with meals.
This means your adrenals are stressed - it's okay to consume some sea salt.
I am against it - first of all any time you take a hormone, you inactivate your body's own production. But then to go on a 500 calorie diet will create more health problems.
It has some, eggs have some, but Nutritional Yeast has the highest
If there is a calcium build up - take 4 of each in the am. Then for maintenance take 1 of each per day.
This is an overwhelmed sympathetic nervous system. The inside of your adrenal is all sympathetic nervous tissue. So I would do my advanced techniques for this in this: https://shop.drberg.com/dr-bergs-adrenal-body-type-exclusive-membership-1y
Absolutely! Just make sure that meal is nutritious. I am not into counting your calories but there is some data that suggest that we need 900 calories per day to keep our heart functioning, however, it's NOT the calories it is the nutrients. So as long as you're getting all the nutrients - you're fine.
That is a very good question and I will. The problem with coffee is it depleted vitamin B1 and calcium, not to mention other nutrients as well. If a person can restrict themselves to a very small amount, like 1 small cup or organic coffee per morning, I do not think it would be a problem. However, most people drink coffee all day long and it's not organic thus being exposed to lots of pesticides. Also - it is important not to put those non-dairy high corn fructose creamers with sugar in your coffee.
You're going to have to modify your proteins and find a way to get certain nutrients, which are not in non-animal sources. For example; vitamin A is in organ meats, butter, eggs. If you can't do that then I recommend cod liver oil. Also, avoid fruit is you are trying to lose weight.
There is a good remedy you can get from the health food store called: Lipoflavonoid; which is a extract from the vitamin C complex from lemon peels, which seems to lower histamines, which are involved in inflammation in the ear. It is used to treat Meniere’s disease (a condition that effects hearing and dizziness). B12 is also involved in supporting the auditory (hearing) nerves. B1 in 500mg dosages are also helpful.
I would recommend just trying to increase nor decrease fat. You need some but most whole foods do come with their certain percentage of fat - meats, eggs, etc. Just try not to go with low fat anything.
Pea protein is the least allergic. It also is easy to digest and very complete.
I have no vested interest in this company, but I would recommend using this brand: http://www.amazon.com/Now-Foods-Collagen-Veg-Capsules-60-Count/dp/B0028J6NRU
I would watch this video and add D3 and K2.
For this issue, I would start with acupressure:see the video below. Apply the technique to your vocal area. Then I would sign up for the adrenal body type membership site for the advanced techniques. https://shop.drberg.com/dr-bergs-adrenal-body-type-exclusive-membership-1y
This is an autoimmune condition and mostly triggered by some stress event combined with some viral component. It's vital that your stress be address and do whatever you can to lower your current environmental stress and remove body stress (use Massage Tool and techniques for this). Intermittent fasting is key because it will drop your inflammation and at least reduce your symptoms. Cruciferous vegetables are also vital to help support your immune system directly.
The are sourced from several VERY high quality places and definitely NOT any factory farms. If you are the least bit concerned, I have a non-gland Adrenal Night formula, which has the same ingredients minus the glandulars with added L-Tryptophan
Yes, because the glands communicate almost as one system. When one gland stops working, the others are stressed, especially if its the adrenal.
There are 30 grams of salad in 1 ounce. And 1 ounce is 1 cup. So you would need 210 grams (7 cups) or 300 grams (10 cups) of salad to reach 4700mg or potassium.
Chlorophyll is excellent and raw bone. I like the product by Standard Process called Calcifood Wafers.
It is a cellular support nutrient for the heart. I like it, but many people don't feel a big change because the heart symptoms need to be evaluated for the deeper cause. The biggest problem beyond diet for the heart is getting the sleep fixed - if you cant sleep - the heart suffers big time.
Yes, you need too - because reducing sugar (insulin) will correct this condition. PCOS is a condition which has insulin resistance, and insulin increases androgens. So this is the exact thing to do.
All 3 adrenal products work differently. So you can take all 3 together to support the adrenal and it's hormones, just in a different way. 1. The Cortisol Support supplies the glandular support, the vitamin C complex, the B5 nutrition, the liver buffering part and then the licorice for anti-cortisol effects. Not the mention the trace minerals to tie everything together. It's used to help support adrenal fatigue, burn out, history of sustained stress and belly fat. 2. The adrenal night formula is mainly to relax the adrenal to the point of turning it off so you can sleep through the night, which indirectly supports the adrenal. 3. The adrenal day formula provides whole food natural B vitamins, trace minerals and herbal adaptogens necessary to extract stress. It was designed to make you stress free during the day - specifically to get rid of excessive thinking while you''re trying to sleep and relief nervous tension. ***Updated Information: Dr. Berg has a new improved Adrenal Day which includes the Cortisol formula as well called, Adrenal & Cortisol Relief!***
The best bioavailable source of B12 in it's natural source is liver. Either consume some grass fed with onions or in a pill. There are 2 other reasons why B12 might not work. (1) The stomach might be too alkaline in which case some betaine hydrochloride would help or (2) the person is lacking something called the intrinsic factor, which allow B12 to be absorb. I like the Standard Process product called Cataplex B12 for that.
You can call my office to get it - 703-354-7336. You want to suck on them until they are real soft, then swallow. This will coat your entire inner lining.
YES - especially if you don't have a gallbladder. If you have no gallbladder, then you are going to be deficient in bile.
Watch this video
This can come from several things. B-vitamin deficiencies can cause this, especially B12 and others. This usually occurs in liver damage and in diabetics. The other cause could be a low calcium: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypocalcaemia but this could be either a low dietary calcium (rare), low stomach acids because you can't absorb (add Betaine Hydrochloride) calcium or a lack of fat soluble vitamins (D3, K2) to transport calcium.
Ha ha - you're cute....I am sorry, but YES you need to tweak the recipes. There are lots of things you can substitute that give you the same sensation.
Yes, especially if you feel burning, excess sourness or feel worse in any way.
Go to the bottom of this page to see videos: https://www.drberg.com/massage-tool-manual
Dr. Berg has a new and improved product that used to be just Adrenal Day. But now he has Adrenal and Cortisol Relief! So to answer your questions, yes you can. Check it out!
We ship internationally! If you are ready to place an order visit our website: www.drberg.com/shop or contact our office: 703-354-7336
We do not accept insurance.
Unfortunately, we stop carrying Vitamin K2 by itself. But now we have D3 and K2 vitamin.
You can consume small amount. It must be in a fermented form make sure it's organic to avoid being GMO. Here is a video Dr. Berg did: The Dangers of Soy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xz9axfcIsYs
No, it’s going to have to be actual consumed veggies
Here are a couple of fruits and their glycemic index from low to high Fruit Glycemic Load Serving Size (grams) Lime 1 120g Strawberry 1 120g Apricot 3 120g Grapefruit 3 120g Lemon 3 120g Cantaloupe 4 120g Guava 4 120g Nectarines 4 120g Oranges 4 120g Pear 4 120g Watermelon 4 120g Blueberries 5 120g Peach 5 120g Plum 5 120g Apple 6 120g Pineapple 6 120g Kiwi 7 120g Mango 8 120g Cherries 9 120g Prunes 10 60g Banana 11 120g Grapes 11 120g Figs 16 60g- Dates 18 60g- Raisins 28 60g-HIGH
Dr. Berg has changed the Adrenal Day to Adrenal & Cortisol! This is a new improved adrenal day with more Ashwagandha. This herb supports the ability to adapt to stress thus increasing your stress tolerance
Dr. Berg has changed the Adrenal Day to Adrenal & Cortisol Relief! This is a new improved adrenal day with more Ashwagandha. This herb supports the ability to adapt to stress thus increasing your stress tolerance