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What Causes Upper Arm Fat

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 12/23/2014

What Causes Upper Arm Fat

There are two types of belly fat.

The liver body type has a protruding belly because of fluid and then there is the adrenal body type that has a sagging belly because of stress.

Estrogen dominance situation is the ovary body type that has a weight below the waist such as the hip and the thighs.

There is the thyroid body type as well, which has weight all over.

By talking to many people with upper arm fat, I always ask them, "When did it start?"

There is an association between upper arm fat and increased breast tissue. Usually, they have increased hip, thigh, and butt fat.

People usually think it’s a thyroid situation but that’s not it, because they don’t have thyroid symptoms. It’s an estrogen-dominance type of thing.

You may want more balance with the following:

  • Kale shake

  • Avoid soy.

  • Buy more hormone-free meat.

  • Avoid non-organic dairy like butter and milk. This will help get rid of the excess fat.

Take this body type quiz to learn more about what body type you are and what nutritional measures you can take for better overall health.

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