The Best and Worst type of Calcium

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Bone is not made from calcium and milk from the store will not help build bones. Pasteurized milk can actually rot bones. Humans should get their calcium from eating vegetables. For calcium to be absorbed into the body it must have the bacteria and enzymes which are removed by the pasteurization process. Eating cooked meat contains collagen which will destroy the bones.

Calcium is beneficial to the bone structure, as most people know, but also to the skin to provide immunities from many viruses. Healthy skin is laden with calcium which protects against simple things such as the common cold and the flu, but also against more severe viruses such as Polio and Papilloma. Polio outbreaks in children and the HPV virus that has been associated with cervical cancer in women have a higher rate of occurrence in late summer.

The reason for this is the need for a balance between vitamins D and F.

Vitamin D transports calcium to the bones from the skin and Vitamin F transports calcium to the skin. However, an excess of Vitamin D will deplete Vitamin F in the body. The problem with maintaining such a balance is that humans can get a lot of Vitamin D from the sun, robbing Vitamin F from the body and the immunities are lowered. This is why the rate of occurrence is 66% higher in late summer, after people have had more time in the sun. 20 minutes in the sun will give the average human all he or she needs. Anything over this amount can be depleting Vitamin F. All viruses will stay in remission if there is enough Vitamin F and calcium.

Sugar also depletes certain nutrients in the body, especially calcium. The answer to a calcium deficiency cannot be found in the most popular multivitamins, even those recommended by doctors.


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