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The Best Mineral for Strong Bones

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 04/11/2024

As people age, they worry more about fostering healthy bones and preventing diseases like osteoporosis from making their lives more difficult. Too often, people at risk of bone disease overlook the power of strontium to increase bone health.

Learn about strontium, how it supports bone health, and how you can increase your intake.

The Role of Strontium in Bone Health

Strontium, a trace mineral you might not have heard about much, plays an essential role in maintaining bone strength and health. Although we only need it in small amounts, its absence can lead to weaker bones.

The Consequences of Strontium Deficiency

A deficiency in strontium will cause bones to get weaker over time. Elderly people are at a greater risk of fragile bones when facing a strontium depletion.

The Impact of Strontium Supplementation on Bone Fracture Risk

Strontium supplementation profoundly impacts bone fracture risk, as evidenced by multiple scientific studies. For instance, a 2000-2004 study demonstrated that strontium reduced the risk of fractures by 41%.

This groundbreaking research was double-blinded and placebo-controlled - two gold standards in medical trials. The participants taking strontium supplements had significantly more substantial bones than those who didn't.

A surprising finding from this study was how rapidly these benefits could occur. In less than five years, the reduction in fracture risks for those taking strontium dramatically dropped.

Insights from the 2008 Study on Strontium Supplementation

In another study conducted in 2008, similar outcomes were observed, with a decrease of around 36% in bone fractures among those supplementing with strontium. This continued trend provides compelling evidence supporting its use for bone health.

The consistency across different studies validates earlier findings and builds confidence about its potential long-term effects when used consistently over time.

Strontium's Role in Marine Life and Its Relevance to Human Health

Marine life, especially a type of phytoplankton known as acantharea, has an exciting relationship with strontium. This trace mineral is crucial to their structure, giving them strength.

The Unique Role of Strontium in Acantharea

Acantharea is not your typical plankton. Instead of using silica like most others, strontium is used for its structure.

This unique usage doesn't just stop at being part of the structural element, though. Unlike other minerals used by marine life, which tend to fossilize over time, strontium remains active even after the organism's demise.

Studies show that this characteristic allows it to be recycled back into seawater, where it continues contributing positively towards maintaining ocean health.

You might be wondering why we're discussing sea creatures when our focus should be on human health. Well, research indicates a fascinating connection between the two.

The same properties that make strontium beneficial for acantharea also apply to humans—specifically for bone health—a topic we'll dive deeper into next.

Natural Sources of Strontium

Strontium, a trace mineral essential for bone strength, can be found in various natural sources. One such source is high-quality sea salt.

The Benefits of Sea Salt as a Source of Strontium

Sea salt offers several benefits as a strontium source. It's an excellent choice due to its nutrient density and easy availability.

Unlike table salt, which has been stripped of its minerals during processing, high-quality sea salt retains them all, including strontium. So when you use sea salt instead of regular table salt in your diet, you enhance the flavor and get this vital mineral.

This makes using sea salt both practical and beneficial. It's surprising how something so simple could have significant health impacts.

Food with calcium. A variety of foods rich in calcium.

The Ratio of Strontium to Calcium

For bone health, the ratio of strontium to calcium must be balanced. If one side is out of balance, it can lead to issues. While we often focus on calcium for solid bones, strontium is equally essential.

Strontium acts as a natural booster for your bone density. It's not about loading up on more strontium than calcium but finding that sweet spot ratio where both minerals work together harmoniously.

Research hasn't definitively established an optimal ratio of strontium to calcium yet. However, based on current studies and clinical experience, a rough guide suggests consuming twice as much calcium as strontium daily could be beneficial.

So don’t forget about this unsung hero in the quest for stronger bones. Achieving that perfect mineral balance may help you stay fracture-free longer.

Vitamin D3 and Strontium

Vitamin D3 and strontium are two substances relevant to bone health. Vitamin D3, a fat-soluble vitamin, is vital in calcium absorption and maintaining strong bones.

It facilitates calcium uptake in the intestines and is commonly supplemented, especially when sunlight exposure is limited. On the other hand, strontium, a chemical element, has been used in medications to treat osteoporosis.

Certain strontium compounds, like strontium ranelate, are believed to promote bone formation and reduce bone resorption. However, strontium's use as a treatment is subject to debate and usually requires medical supervision due to potential side effects.

Both substances address bone health but serve different purposes, with vitamin D3 supporting calcium absorption and strontium being considered for osteoporosis treatment under medical guidance.


Recognizing the importance of strontium in maintaining bone health is vital, particularly as we age, and aims to prevent conditions like osteoporosis. Scientific studies support the promise of strontium supplementation in reducing fracture risk.

Natural sources like high-quality sea salt offer practical ways to increase strontium intake. Balancing strontium with calcium is essential for optimal bone health, though the exact ratio is still under study. Understanding strontium alongside vitamin D3 underscores the comprehensive approach needed for bone maintenance.

Consulting healthcare professionals is crucial before starting any supplementation, especially for treating osteoporosis.

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