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author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Find out exactly what Dr. Berg eats from day to day! 


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In this video, I'm going to go through what I typically eat on a given day. It's really nothing too exciting because unlike many people I can eat the same thing every single day. Other people need variety, and that's fine. This is just what I eat, but you can eat whatever you want as long as it's keto-friendly. 

Currently, I eat one and a half meals per day. I would normally eat one meal a day, but when if I do that, I tend to lose too much weight. I also have a more difficult time fitting all of the calories I need into one meal. 

I have my first meal between 1-2 pm. I have my second meal between 5-6 pm. This gives me a fasting range between 19-21 hours. 

Keto vs. Healthy keto:

Keto —  A low-carb diet that doesn't focus on nutrition. There are benefits when you lower your carbs. 

Healthy Keto —  A low-carb diet that factors in nutrient-dense foods. I think a Healthy Keto diet with intermittent fasting is the best way to go. 

What Dr. Berg eats: First meal — Mostly a combination of protein and fat with some vegetables (not too much) 

A few different combinations I like:

4 eggs with onions and fermented vegetables (without sugar) or raw asparagus 

• Grass-fed, grass-finished, fatty hamburger (.5Ib) and sauerkraut 

• Organic summer sausage (8 oz.) with organic grass-fed Swiss cheese 

• Salmon (8 oz.) fried with olive oil, topped with sea salt, black pepper, and mayo (Primal Kitchen) with olives on the side 

• A handful of pecans after the meal (if unsatisfied) 

• Celery and organic valencia salted peanut butter after the meal (if unsatisfied)

• Sugar-free chocolate occasionally after the meal (if unsatisfied)

Second meal — Primarily vegetables with a small amount of protein and fat.

A few different combinations I like:

• 8 cups of salad (arugula or greens mix from the farmer's market, olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette, sea salt, and avocado or nuts)

• 3 1/2 cups of chopped white and red cabbage and carrots, topped with mayo (Primal Kitchen)

• 4 cups steamed cauliflower with butter, sea salt, and black pepper

Things I may add to my second meal:

• 1/2 can cod liver • Summer sausage (4 oz.)

• Pecans 

• Celery and organic valencia salted peanut butter

I fry my eggs in beef tallow, and I try to get my greens from the farmer's market. If I buy greens from the store, they have to be organic. I also consume a lot of organic tomatoes from the farmer's market or my garden when they're in season.

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Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter ➜ ➜ https://www.amazon.com/Trader-Joes-Organic-Crunchy-Unsalted/dp/B00C786QRO

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