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Dr. Berg’s Success Stories

"Hello, Just wanted to share my success story. Have been doing keto now for 15 months and lost 100lbs. I'm now trying to maintain. 15 months ago our IVF journey ended. I gained a lot of weight very quickly on IVF. Unfortunately we stopped our IVF without any success. After that I was very depressed. I ate and drank a lot. It came to point that I had to do something drastic or I would keep spiraling out of control. So I started keto. Very clean and strict from day 1. I learned a lot on an all women keto online group and from YouTube. After 6 months I already started to feel and look healthier. And now 15 months in I never want to go back to who I was. I was comfortable in my skin then, but I knew it wasn't healthy. I felt quilty about eating bad. Now I still feel good in my skin but I also look like I feel good and healthy. And I have now problems about eating anymore. It saved me and my marriage. Insta: keto.queen.joyce Regards, Joyce from The Netherlands " Results may vary depending on your commitment, follow through, and metabolism. - Joyce V..

My weight was 127.6kg and i start if and keto within 10 months I reduce my weight to 84.3kg it was amazing journey I am feeling much better thanks Dr. Berg Results may vary depending on your commitment, follow through, and metabolism. - Hafeez U..

Happy transformation Tuesday folks! Keto is the best thing that ever happened to me. Results may vary depending on your commitment, follow through, and metabolism. - Jessica W..

2018vs2019. I am a marathon runner that used to believe exercise more to maintain my weight. Have been running for 20 over years which a year can achieve up to 1000km. But my weight always as yoyo like, once I have no time to do the running, my weight will shoot up easily and which that I didn't cut the usual food intake. Thanks Dr Berg & Dr Jason Fung about IF! I have practise 3months of IF and recently just doing a few the keto with OMAD diets. For these 3months I have lost at least 6kg easily with no massive running that i used to do to lose weight. Though it is not much weight lost as compare to other that show their massive weight lost through these methods. But I really want to thanks Dr. Eric for sharing the information in guiding me for doing IF , OMAD & Keto diet correctly . And I am very thankful that finally I find the easy way for losing and maintaining my weight!! And I notice I also become more healthy with the food that I choose to have along this IF, OMAD & Keto journey... Results may vary depending on your commitment, follow through, and metabolism. - Carmen L..

I haven't seen the 160s since 7th grade. I took this 5 days ago and today I'm 165 at 45 yrs old. IF has worked so well for me after many months of struggling to get past 174. I was very strict keto at first, cheated, gained, and got myself back on track, just not as strict. Results may vary depending on your commitment, follow through, and metabolism. - Stephanie P..

I had been told by my Dr several years ago that I had T2d did good for awhile then went back to my old ways and my A1c shot up to 10.7 so I made the decision right then I had to do something started looking on YouTube found Dr Berg and started doing Keto 16 weeks later my A1c was 4.7 cut out sugar and carbs and my weight dropped from 270 to 245 now I am off all meds but my thyroid med and weight continues to go down thanks Dr Berg Results may vary depending on your commitment, follow through, and metabolism. - Raymond R. .

January 1, 2019 I started intermittent fasting at a starting weight of 246lbs. I am 49 years old, 5'-11" and have been overweight since I was 33 years old. The month of January and February I had 8 re-feeds of 1 ounce lean meat and 4 ounces of cauliflower or broccoli. The rest of the time I've just done OMAD. Now for the past 6 months my weight has stayed between 180-188, my lowest weight was 175. I still have some stubborn fat around my waist that I would like to get rid of, and would like to see my weight stay between 170-175. I have managed to raise my testosterone quite a bit, it's around 436 up from 297. Started working out at the gym in May, needed to build the muscle to help drop the fat and keep it off. I have watched almost all of yours and Thomas DeLauer, & Cole Robinson videos for my information and questions that I've had. I cannot thank you enough for how your videos have helped me overcome what I thought was going to kill me before I reached 50. Results may vary depending on your commitment, follow through, and metabolism. - Richard B. .

Following low carb diet and IF 16/8 for about 5years . Results may vary depending on your commitment, follow through, and metabolism. - Kris K. .

"A few years ago I found your videos because I was looking for something that could help me relieve my lower back pain. I wasn’t sure if what I had was related to sciatica. I went to Youtube and looked for something like “sciatica pain chiropractor” or something like that. As I kept watching more and more of your videos I started hearing the terms “keto” and “intermittent fasting” which at that time I didn’t know anything about. At the beginning I thought it was a new diet program like Weight Watchers or something, but later on I kind of understood it had something to do with zero sugar and low carbohydrates. I really didn’t want to start a diet because I hated even the thought of it. Back in 2005 I had gotten into a diet and I suffered a lot because I was hungry all the time and this diet was mostly a small salad and some ham and cheese. That only lasted two months and I couldn’t take it anymore. Years later I was over 200 pounds but after watching some of your... Results may vary depending on your commitment, follow through, and metabolism. - Franc J..

One year ago, I started going to the gym. I was 52 years old, gaining weight fast and normally not feeling the best. I was struggling at work and my immune system wasn’t doing much. I made a decision to go to the gym, start the Keto diet and try intermittent fasting. Today, one year later, I’ve lost 11 kilos, I have more strength and energy. and I rarely get sick. I got a series of blood tests done recently and all were good. Being physically healthy is just the first step for me. I’m now also focusing on being mentally, professionally, financially and relationally fitter as well. I’m now 53 and looking forward to the future more than ever. And of course, a big thank you to Dr Berg for showing us how our bodies actually work. Results may vary depending on your commitment, follow through, and metabolism. - Steve S..

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Hi, my name is Dr. Eric Berg DC, and I’m one of the top ketogenic diet experts in the world.

I want to share some vital information revealing why you've been having a rough time losing your belly. I'm the author of the #1 Best Seller, The 7 Principles of Fat Burning and The Healthy Keto Plan (Formerly The New Body Type Guide).

The most common error in weight loss is INCORRECT SEQUENCE. It's not ‘lose weight to get healthy,’ it’s ‘get healthy to lose weight!’ This is because your weight "fat" is dependent on getting healthy.

It’s about looking and feeling healthy, youthful AS you lose weight and age. And do this we use a program called Healthy Ketosis™ and Intermittent Fasting. My goal is to put you in control over your body and your future longevity!

I am a health educator specializing in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods such as the ketogenic diet plan, intermittent fasting, and other low carb diet tips that make following the keto diet easy and adaptable to any lifestyle.

On you’ll find all the health options you need to live healthier and start losing weight like never before. We offer education so you can understand what is ketosis, keto approved foods, plus Dr. Berg’s favorite ketogenic diet recipes. We also have a shop where you can find our recommended supplements, nutrition, and diet plans to help you get started.

Dr. Berg's clients include senior officials in U.S. Government and the justice Department, Ambassadors, medical doctors, high-level executives of prominent corporation, scientist, engineers, professors, and other clients from all walks of life.