Dr.Berg Reviews

Check out Dr. Berg's ketogenic before and after reviews below.

These success stories are alll real and given freely with no paid incentives.

The testimonials and successes are the results of doing Dr.Berg healthy ketosis plan. Most of them also included intemittent fasting at the same time.

Keto Reviews

Featured Success Story

"Earlier this year, Simpkins was featured on the cover of Woman’s World Magazine thanks to her impressive success with keto"


Keto Reviews

"Sugar Burner vs Fat Burner Face"

Robb V.

"So here is it is a before and after and I'm still pushing for my goal.."

Shane S.

"I’m not at goal weight yet, but I feel better every day! "

Sage W.

Video Reviews

"Rachel Pope"

Shane J

"Amazing Success"

Shane J

"Gwen Jones"

Shane J