Dr. Berg: The Benefits of Healthy Keto (Part 1)

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 04/13/2024

There are a lot of exciting benefits of Healthy Keto, including anti-aging! Learn more and check out part 2 of this video when you're done.


0:00 Healthy Keto and anti-aging

0:32 The benefits of ketones and lowering insulin

1:38 Success stories

3:38 What is Healthy Ketosis?

4:40 Looking deeper at nutrients

10:00 Genes and epigenetics

13:24 What creates DNA damage?

28:30 Nutritional deficiencies and DNA damage

37:55 Unstable DNA and Cancer

42:45 Redefining the definition of food

43:02 Expanding your viewpoint of nutrients

Do you want to live longer? Well, the secret is Healthy Keto. In this talk, I'm going to cover the different benefits of the Healthy Keto diet. I'm also going to cover what you need to know about anti-aging and how you can achieve the anti-aging effects you've been looking for.

Healthy Keto is the key to living a longer, healthier life. I'm going to break down the interesting connection between Healthy Keto and anti-aging and how to take advantage of all Healthy Keto has to offer.

Anti-aging is an incredible benefit of Healthy Keto. But, there is even more to Healthy Keto. Running your body on ketones and dropping insulin is powerful.

Benefits of ketones:

• Ketones put out more energy

• Ketones feed damaged tissue

• Ketones act as powerful antioxidants

• They are anti-inflammatory

• Tumors can't consume ketones

• Ketones reduce oxidative stress

• They provide more oxygen

• Ketones promote neurogenesis

Benefits of dropping insulin:

• You don't get tired after you eat

• You don't have to use the bathroom multiple times at night

• Your cravings go away

• Your belly fat goes away

• You think better

• You have fewer heart problems

• You have decreased diabetes

• You have decreased fatty liver

• And more…

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