Looking for a simple keto meal plan and recipes? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve developed ketogenic diet recipes that promote weight loss and help you get on the right track.

What makes our keto recipes special is that they’ve been designed for beginners. So, you can lose weight at your own pace.

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Percentages of Macronutrients

We tried to give you the exact percentages of your macros (carbs, protein and fat). You should keep your carbohydrates at 5% of the total calories. However, do not factor in your vegetables. You can consume unlimited vegetables. You should consume a moderate amount of protein at 20% of total calories. Your fats should make up the difference at 75%.

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To provide your vitamins and minerals, it’s necessary to consume a larger quantity of vegetables and salad. I recommend consuming between 7–10 cups of vegetables or salad. It would be good to consume them raw as much as possible, unless your digestive system isn’t used to it..

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I also recommend you also add intermittent fasting to this program. Start with 3 meals per day, NO snacks. Do this until you are comfortable and not craving or hungry anymore. Add fat with the meal to help you.

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When you are ready, start eating your breakfast later and later until it’s lunch, so that you can drop out breakfast and only have 2 meals per day.

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Many people over time then drop a meal and only Consume 1 meal per day. Just make sure you do not cut calories, yet consume enough food.

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