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The Most Unhealthy Diet in the World

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

The place where you're supposed to heal and recover is the same place serving the most unhealthy diet in the world. Check this out!


0:00 What is the most unhealthy diet in the world?

0:48 What meals do hospitals serve?

3:55 What to do

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So, what is the most unhealthy diet in the world? It's hospital food. A hospital is a place where you go to heal and recover, but I believe it's the worst place to go to recover.

Hospital meals are constructed with dietary concerns in mind. But, the problem is that whoever created these meal plans is operating off of false information.

Hospitals contract out meals with companies who specialize in preparing institutional food, like the food they serve in prisons, school systems, and government agencies. These foods are meant for high volume and low cost. They're also typically pre-packaged and pre-cooked.

I believe hospital foods are definitely not recovery foods. They're inflammatory foods. Fasting or bringing your own food if you're in the hospital may be the best way to go.

The macros of typical hospital foods:

• Protein: 10-35%

• Carbs: 45-65%

• Fat: 30% or less (saturated fat: 10% or less)

Hospitals serve:

• Foods that have no trans fat

• Low sodium foods

• 100% fruit juice

• 1% non-fat dairy

• Milk substitutes (like soy)

• Yogurt (less than 30g of sugar per 8oz.)

• Low sodium cheese

• Whole wheat and whole-grain foods

• Dinner rolls, muffins, bagels, tortillas (must contain less than 290mg of sodium)

• Cereal (must contain less than 215mg of sodium)

• Dried cranberries and raisins (these are not included in the total sugar amount)

• Canned beef and vegetables (must contain less than 290mg of sodium)

• Frozen French toast (must contain less than 480mg of sodium)

• Snacks (should be added to help curve hunger)

• At least five servings of vegetables per week


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