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The HCG Diet Reviews

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Not sure if you caught this on the news recently, but the Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission issued warning letters today to seven companies that market over-the-counter weight loss products containing the homeopathic version of the hormone HCG, calling for these companies to stop selling and marketing these unapproved drugs.

HCG or Human chorionic gonadotrpin (HCG), otherwise known as a fertility hormone, is produced in women's placentas and is also found in pregnant women's urine. The hormone is FDA-approved only as a prescription injection drug to treat some cases of infertility and for select male hormone imbalances.

Here's the scoop! Since there was some evidence that the actual hormone does produce weight loss, some marketers made a jump and said the homeopathic version of the hormone would work too. Just because something is similar does not make it the same. Homeopathic remedies are extremely diluted versions of a substance. No studies were done on this and now they are being busted.

Anyone who goes on a 500 calorie diet will lose some temporary weight, however, the danger in low calorie diets is that when you lower calories, you at the same time lower nutrients in those calories. This is why it is difficult to tell a person the exact amount of calories one requires.

You could have a diet of 2000 calories and consumer virtually no nutrition and have a diet of 400 calories and have a tremendous amount of nutrition. Going on the HGC diet is harmful, mainly because they are not looking at the basic nutrient requirements we need. This creates starvation, fatigue and organ stress, which will sooner or later slow your metabolism to a snails pace. I mean think about it...let's take potassium. Our bodies need 4700mg per day. This would equate to at least 7-10 cups of vegetables. Your body also need B12, and iodine and about 33 additional nutrients.

I could create 10 diets all based on the 500 calorie diet and add a gimmick of pressing on the left toe for 3 minutes or dancing on your roof and maybe some people would try it, but it's the 500 calories that will create the VERY temporary weight drop.

What if I were to tell you that I had a pill, that you could take, that would totally get rid of any type of sweet cravings, and all you had to do was take that, and eat a chocolate cake and you wouldn’t crave any sweets what-so-ever? That would solve it right? Well, today I want to talk about the HCG diet. You’ve probably heard about it. Hopefully you haven’t tried it, because, why isn’t anyone asking the question, “If it really worked; if it really burned fat—taking that hormone, HCG, would melt the fat off, why do they have to combine it with the 500 calorie diet? I will tell you right now, anyone that consumed 500 calories, will lose weight eventually and especially if they eat all protein. Basically, it’s going to be another fad that people do.

The thing is, when you’re taking the HCG hormone and counting your calories, you’re going to destroy your metabolism; it’s going to shut down your metabolism. Your body’s going to compensate. I’ve had people lose a lot of weight on that eating plan, but it comes right back. So you really have to eat long term because what’s the sense of doing a diet to lose it when it comes right back—and actually damage your metabolism. I highly urge you not go on that diet, simply because it doesn’t align with the philosophy of getting healthy to lose weight, it’s actually a very unhealthy diet. So, always ask the question when you’re doing a diet, you know? Does it make sense? Does it align with getting healthy? That diet does not.

Think long term - think health - think nutrients that support a healthy body. If you want the ultimate in healthy diets, get my book, The 7 Principles of Fat Burning. This way, when you lose the weight "in a healthy way", the weight stays off!

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