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Do You Overeat Because of Taste and Flavor?

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Do you find yourself overeating without even realizing it? This is why.


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2:06 What makes me overeat?

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Let's talk about overeating. The flavorings in food can trigger overeating. I've found that many foods that used to have a lot of flavors now seem bland and lack nutrition. Even some chicken that you would buy at the store has to have chicken flavoring added to it.

The flavorings trigger eating and pleasure. The problem is that there are empty calories in these processed foods. Because there are low nutrients in these foods, you're going to eat more of them.

In nature, foods with the highest nutrients have the most flavor. So you're attracted to those flavors, you get more nutrients, and you survive better. But, the problem is that now there are artificial flavorings in many foods.

Keto desserts and snacks have more nutrition, so it's more difficult to eat a lot of them at one time. You may want to try substituting typical sweets and snacks that you would get with keto-friendly, low-carb, nutrient-dense snacks and desserts, and see how you feel. Also, try to have these keto-friendly snacks and desserts with your meal and not in-between your meals.

Your focus should not just be on flavors but the nutrients in the food. This will help keep you healthy and feel satisfied.

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