How to Reduce Bloating

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How to reduce bloating effectively may need knowledge and understanding of the underlying causes of the condition. I'm going to explain why you feel bloated in the first place and show you how to ease bloating completely.

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How to Reduce Bloating: What You Need to Do


What Is Bloating?

Before we discuss how to reduce bloating quickly and effectively, let's first learn what this condition really is. Stomach bloating is basically when your belly or your abdominal area feels bloated or swollen right after eating. Excessive gas production creates bloating, and the condition can sometimes cause abdominal pain when you feel like your belly becomes really swollen.

To reduce bloating quickly also requires a scientific understanding of what causes the health issue, so you can prevent it from happening again. If you're feeling bloated, it does not only look like you have a bigger belly, but it is also very uncomfortable, makes sleeping difficult, and your clothes may not fit properly.


How to Reduce Bloating the Natural Way

The following are simple ways you can follow to get rid of bloating:

1. Apply Acupressure Therapy

Abdominal pain attack | How To Reduce BLOATING Quickly

Acupressure therapy is the process of pressing to apply pressure on various parts of your body. It primarily removes stress or pressure to help relax muscles. It can also help soothe discomfort and pain in any area of the body.

When it comes to managing bloatedness, the location should be below your right rib cage. Take your hand, press it right into the location, and hold it for two minutes. This way, you're like massaging your gallbladder. That aids in reducing all that congestion in the organ, and you'll feel better or less bloated since the gallbladder stores bile, which is what really supports in digesting fat.

Bile is a type of complex fluid in the body that contains organic molecules (such as cholesterol and bile acids), electrolytes, and water. This complex fluid flows into the biliary tract going into your small intestine. It plays an important role in the absorption and digestion of fat-soluble vitamins and fats in the small intestine. So, if your body lacks bile or the gallbladder is sluggish, you get bloated when you eat.

Biliary Tract Definition: A system in the body that involves the bile ducts, gallbladder, and liver and how they work as one to secrete, store, and create bile.

You also need to do the same procedure on the opposite side where the pancreas is. The pancreas is a digestive gland that aids your body in making certain enzymes for food digestion. When you consume food, your pancreas senses what you eat, and it produces these enzymes to aid in breaking down the food. If you're deficient of these enzymes, you're going to feel bloated since the pancreas may not function properly, and this is why you need to apply the same therapy on the left side as well for two minutes.

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2. Avoid Foods That Cause Bloating

Aside from the therapy to ease bloating, you also need to change your diet because acupressure only eases bloating temporarily. The condition comes back when you eat again. To completely avoid bloating, you should avoid the common causes of it. The first one is grains, like bread, crackers, and pancakes, especially things with gluten. Gluten is a type of protein in grains that causes bloating in a lot of people.

Avoid sugars as well, especially when you combine them with protein. If you're doing a hamburger with the bun, fries, and soda, you're going to trigger a tremendous spike in Fat Storing Hormone and that results in bloating. Foods with protein and sugar together can really wreak havoc on your Fat Storing Hormone levels.

For example, when you eat a deep-fried donut with all the sugar and fat in it, then you are definitely going to feel bloated. Starches, like rice and potatoes, also easily cause bloating. So, read labels to make sure there is no sugar or there is only a minimum amount of it.

3. Increase Acid in Your Stomach

Dr. Berg's Digest Formula | How To Reduce BLOATING Quickly

If you minimize your consumption of any of these foods but you still have a bloated stomach, then you may need to raise the acidity in your digestive tract, especially if you're experiencing acid reflux. Acid reflux is a common condition that lets you feel burning pain or heartburn in the lower chest part. This occurs when stomach acid goes back up into the food tube. Not having enough acid in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract causes this condition. People may think that having acid reflux may have too much acid in the stomach, but it's the other way around.

You also need to increase bile. The way I do it is I use my product called Digest Formula that supports proper stomach and digestive function as it helps relieve bloating, acid reflux, and occasional heartburn. It also promotes a good stomach pH level as it has betaine hydrochloride, a potent stomach acidifier. You can take two to three capsules before your meal.

You can also use my Gallbladder Formula that has some purified bile salts serving as natural detergents to aid in the breaking down and dissolving of fat. I formulated this product to improve digestion and support the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. It also contains pepsin, a protein enzyme, which helps take the stress off of your pancreas and gallbladder and supports proper digestion. You take one tablet of it after you eat. These two products are a good combination to ease bloating.

Learning how to reduce bloating involves understanding what the real cause of the condition is, how to ease bloating symptoms, and what to do to avoid it completely. My goal is to give you temporary relief when you feel bloated, change your diet to completely avoid bloating, and add nutrition if bloating does not go away. So, start fixing your diet now and increase acidity in your GI tract to successfully reduce gas and bloating.

What other ways do you know to beat the bloat? Leave them in the comments section below!

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