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How to Lose Cellulite

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How to Lose Cellulite


Anything that’s high in sugar increases insulin, and insulin blocks the burning of fat. The fat cells in our body enlarge due to higher levels of insulin. This is influenced by insulin resistance.

Estrogen can also be a factor, since higher amounts of estrogen also increase the fat in the lower half of the body.

Tips to Burn Fat:

1.  Reduce sugars and carbs.

2.  Eat 3-6 ounces of protein per meal.

3.  Eat lots of greens.

4.  There should be no MSG in your foods.

5.  Do intermittent fasting (2 meals a day and no snacking).

6.  Add fat to your meal so that you can go longer between meals.



If the muscles are atrophied, then cortisol is usually higher. Cortisol, a stress hormone from the adrenals, can increase due to menopausal changes. When you have higher amounts of cortisol, your body is breaking down muscle tissue faster than it is building it back up. The medical term for this process is catabolic, which means 'to break down.' Cortisol is a catabolic hormone.

Tips to Lower Cortisol:

1. Reduce environmental stress.

2. Walk for 45 minutes (or longer) a day.

3. Get more Vitamin D.

4. Nutrient-wise, take Adrenal & Cortisol Relief.

(Take this:



A fascia is a type of tissue, mainly composed of collagen, that is controlled by the growth hormone (GH). GH is the ultimate anti-aging hormone that is responsible for keeping your proteins healthy and elastic.

Tips to Increase the Growth Hormone:

1. Do high-intensity interval training exercise.

2. Get lots of high-quality sleep.

(You may need:

3. Do intermittent fasting.

4. Get more Vitamin D and sun exposure.



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