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14 Amazing Benefits of Oregano Oil

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 01/30/2020

Oregano doesn’t only belong in your favorite Italian dish—it belongs in your medicine cabinet too. There’s a specific type of oregano oil that can have incredible health effects. Many of the different oregano oil benefits are for helping fight against different bacterial infections.

Antibiotics are typically a doctor’s favorite tool for many health issues because it’s designed for treating bacterial infections. But, many doctors don’t mention that oregano oil might just be antibiotic’s biggest rival when it comes to knocking out these infections. With more and more people ending up with antibiotic resistance from the overuse of antibiotics, it’s an excellent idea to learn more about oregano oil’s natural potential healing benefits. Not to mention, oregano oil may not have the nasty side effects that antibiotics can have.

This powerful essential oil is an underutilized natural remedy. It’s time more people know about these amazing oregano oil benefits.

In this article, I will cover:

A close-up of fresh green oregano growing outside. | 14 Amazing Benefits of Oregano Oil


What is Oregano Oil?

Oregano is an herb that has been used in natural medicine for many, many years. You may have some experience cooking with oregano, but the oregano that we’re going to be talking about is not the same as what you would find in the spice aisle. The type of oregano that you would want for therapeutic benefits is called wild oregano oil.

Wild oregano oil is a very concentrated liquid. The oregano plant, including the leaves and stem, is put through a steam distillation process that extracts the essential oil from the herb. It takes over 200 pounds of wild oregano just to make two pounds of wild oregano oil.

When used for therapeutic or medicinal purposes, wild oregano is also sometimes called “oregano essential oil” or “oil of oregano.” This oil has three very powerful phenols or phytochemicals that have some really interesting and powerful properties.

These unique phenols are:


Research suggests carvacrol may have the ability to stop the growth of many different types of bacteria.


Thymol has natural antifungal properties. It may help support the immune system and protect against certain fungal infections.

Rosmarinic acid

With its powerful antioxidant properties, rosmarinic acid may help protect against free radical damage.

Organic oregano oil in a small glass jar with a bunch of fresh oregano beside it. | 14 Amazing Benefits of Oregano Oil


14 Amazing Oregano Oil Benefits

A big problem in healthcare right now something called antibiotic resistance. A person can develop antibiotic resistance from the chronic use of antibiotics. Antibiotics are being overprescribed and often abused. Yes, antibiotics can be a good thing in certain situations, and I’m not suggesting you go against your doctor’s orders in taking them. I’m also not giving you any medical advice. But, it’s something you may want to research and talk to your doctor about if you’re prescribed antibiotics.

The big problem with antibiotics, in general, is that they not only kill off the bad bacteria that are causing infections, but they also they kill your good bacteria that are essential for a healthy body. This can potentially create a cascade of different health problems.

The overuse of antibiotics can make them less effective against the harmful bacteria they are intended to treat while they still wipe out the friendly microbes (probiotics). Your friendly microbes have many different important functions, including producing certain vitamins, supporting digestion, and protecting the body against infections.

Considering all of the health benefits of oregano oil, it may make a fantastic natural alternative to antibiotics. Dozens of studies suggest that the active ingredients in oregano oil may help protect your health and fight against certain harmful pathogens, including yeast, fungi, and bacteria.

14 Wild Oregano Oil Benefits:

1. It has Antibiotic, Anti-fungal, Antiviral, Anti-parasite, Anti-yeast, and Anti-candida properties

  • Oregano oil can potentially kill a lot of different pathogens in the body without harming your good bacteria.

2. It’s a Powerful Antioxidant

  • Free radical damage can be a complication from environmental oxidation. Oregano oil has antioxidant properties that may help get rid of this free radical damage.

3. It’s a Great Antiseptic

  • Oregano oil can act as an antiseptic. One of the great essential oil uses is that it can be used to sterilize certain things in your environment. Some people even mix it with other things to clean their house.

4. Oregano Oil May Help With Acne

  • Antibiotics are sometimes prescribed for certain acne cases. Oregano oil may be an effective, natural, and safe alternative to fight acne-associated bacteria.

5. Oregano Oil May Help With Allergies

  • The different antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties in wild oregano oil may help with certain symptoms of allergies.

6. Oregano Oil May Help With Asthma

  • Oregano oil’s immune-stimulating effects may make it a great choice for preventing asthma attacks related to a respiratory illness.

7. Oregano Oil May Help With Bad Breath

  • A lot of times, bad breath can actually be caused by a fungus or microbe. Oil of oregano may be able to help fight the fungus and improve bad breath.

A close-up of fresh oregano against a white background. | 14 Amazing Benefits of Oregano Oil

8. Oregano Oil May Help With Bladder Infections

  • Research suggests that oregano oil could help slow or stop the growth of certain bacteria and yeasts that cause bladder infections.

9. Oregano Oil May Help With the Cold and Flu

  • The potent active ingredients in oregano oil may make it an effective natural remedy to help support the immune system and protect against cold and flu symptoms.

10. Oregano Oil May Help With Sinus Issues

  • Oregano oil may be fantastic to help deal with sinus issues, especially chronic sinus issues caused by funguses.

11. Oregano Oil May Help With Ear Infections

  • Oregano essential oil can be very helpful in fighting ear infections in children and adults. Combing this natural remedy with garlic may make it even more effective.

12. Oregano Oil May Help With Bronchial Issues

  • The antibacterial activity in oregano oil, along with its other beneficial properties, may make it a helpful alternative natural remedy for bronchial issues.

13. Oregano Oil May Help With Hidden Infections

  • There are certain hidden infections like the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), that can come out of remission and can even give you chronic fatigue. Oil of oregano may help put the virus back in remission and give you more energy.

14. Oregano Oil May Help With SIBO

  • Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is a situation where the microbes that should be in the large colon are now in the small intestine, which can cause bloating and other issues. Oregano oil may be helpful for this condition. Adding betaine hydrochloride, apple cider vinegar, and fasting may also increase the effectiveness of oregano oil in this situation.

Small green bottles of essential oils with fresh oregano and other medicinal herbs. | 14 Amazing Benefits of Oregano Oil


How to Use Oregano Oil

Whether you use oregano oil topically or you consume oregano oil, it’s important that you start slow. Consider taking advantage of these oregano oil benefits, but ease into it gradually and see how your body reacts, then you can use more if needed.

Some of these harmful microbes can have endotoxins within them. When you kill these microbes, the endotoxins can be released and can stir up an immune reaction. You should really take it slow with any herb or natural remedy that you use.

If you use oregano oil topically, you can mix it with a carrier oil like olive oil or coconut oil so that the potent oregano essential oil won’t cause any skin irritation.

There are certain high-quality wild oregano oil capsules or pearls available that you can take orally. As far as dosage, I would follow the dosage directions on the label, but like I said, always start small.


Key Takeaways—Amazing Oregano Oil Benefits

Oregano has been considered a very helpful herb for a very long time. It’s unique and powerful properties make oregano oil a potential natural alternative to antibiotics. Oregano oil can potentially kill certain pathogens without killing the friendly bacteria that you need. There is a wide-range of oregano oil benefits, making it a staple in many homes. You might want to consider adding it to your own.

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