How Hormonal Imbalance Really Occurs

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Nearly every day we hear about a new study linking hormones and various health conditions. It seems like almost every week there's a new report on the dangers of hormone replacement therapy or how hormonal birth control can increase your risk of breast cancer. So what are women to do? Is it even possible to live a healthy life with all these crazy hormones running around wreaking havoc? As it turns out, yes, it is possible. But you'll need to take some precautions and be mindful of the effects your hormones can have on your body. 

A hormonal imbalance occurs when there is an imbalance of hormones in the body. This can happen when the body produces too much or too little of a hormone, or when the hormone levels are not in harmony with each other. Hormonal imbalances can occur at any age, but they are most common during adolescence, pregnancy, and menopause. Hormonal imbalances can cause a wide range of symptoms, including weight gain, fatigue, mood swings, and irregular periods. While hormonal imbalances are often temporary and can be treated with lifestyle changes and a healthy keto diet some may require additional medical intervention.

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