The Best Tips for a Heavy Period or Menstrual Cycle

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 04/22/2024

Many women suffer from heavy periods and have a difficult time with their menstrual cycle. This can be a difficult issue to deal with every month, so understanding how to relieve such symptoms can be highly beneficial.

Learn about what causes heavy periods and what steps you can take to reduce the symptoms.

Understanding Estrogen Dominance and Heavy Periods

If you've ever experienced a heavier-than-normal period, estrogen dominance could be the culprit. It's like your body's hormonal seesaw is tipped in favor of estrogen, leading to less-than-pleasant side effects.

The Role of Estrogen in Menstruation

Estrogen is essential for the successful functioning of menstruation, and when balanced with other hormones, it works well.

But if levels surge too high, we end up with heavy periods that feel more like rock concerts than symphonies. This hormonal imbalance can be due to various factors, such as certain medications or dietary choices.

Chemical formula of estrogen

Common Contributors to Estrogen Dominance

You might not realize it, but everyday things like birth control pills and certain foods can contribute to estrogen dominance.

Using birth control pills every day could potentially increase your estrogen level. Taking any medication containing extra estrogen could also be a reason for imbalance.

Consuming soy-rich food frequently could lead to hormonal imbalance as well.

Dietary Changes for Balancing Estrogen Levels

Our diet has a significant influence on how our bodies operate, including the regulation of hormones. If you're struggling with heavy periods, making specific dietary changes can help balance your estrogen levels.

Foods to Avoid for Balanced Estrogen Levels

Certain foods are known to increase estrogen levels. Dairy products, for instance, can cause an uptick in these hormones due to naturally occurring estrogens in milk-producing animals.

A PubMed Central (PMC) study affirms that consuming large amounts of dairy might contribute to increased estrogen levels.

You don't need to eliminate all dairy from your diet. However, consider reducing consumption or seeking alternatives like almond milk or coconut yogurt if you notice a pattern between high-dairy days and heavier flows.

The Power of Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and cauliflower, contain diindolylmethane (DIM), which can help balance hormones by helping the body metabolize excess estrogen. Research featured on PubMed demonstrates DIM's positive impact on balancing hormone levels.

Incorporating more cruciferous veggies into your meals is good for overall health and particularly beneficial when dealing with menstrual irregularities caused by elevated estrogen concentrations.

Supplements for Managing Heavy Periods

If you're looking to balance your hormone levels and manage heavy periods, natural supplements might be the answer. Let's dive into two of these: DIMM and calcium D-glucarate.

The Benefits of DIMM

DIMM is a concentrated cruciferous product that can even lead to an improved menstrual cycle.

Studies have shown that consuming cruciferous vegetables or their equivalent in supplement form like DIMM has positively impacted the menstrual cycle.

Calcium D-glucarate: A Natural Liver Detoxifier

Calcium D-glucarate is a supplement that supports liver enzymes that work hard to eliminate excess estrogen from your body, helping balance hormone levels and manage heavy periods.

Calcium D-glucarate can assist your body with a liver cleanse while also helping reduce the hot flashes often associated with hormonal imbalances.

OVEX: A Supplement for Heavy Periods

If your periods feel like a monthly flood, you're not alone. Many women experience heavy menstruation and are left feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. But here's the good news - OVEX, a product by Standard Process, could be just what you need.

How OVEX Works

The magic of OVEX lies in its unique formulation that supports ovarian health. Doing so helps manage those dreaded heavy periods that can throw your life out of balance. It's all about helping regulate hormonal levels directly affecting menstrual flow.

Recommended Dosage of OVEX

Taking care of dosage is critical when using supplements such as OVEX. During particularly troublesome period days when Aunt Flo seems relentless in her onslaught, taking six pills per day has been recommended.

Bear in mind, though, that everyone’s body responds differently. Talking with a medical specialist before beginning any new supplement regimen is wise.

In between these challenging times? Just one pill daily should suffice for maintenance and keep things on an even keel.

Probiotic food sources

Probiotics and Heavy Periods

The influence of probiotics on menstrual cycles, including heavy periods, is a topic that warrants further investigation.

While existing research suggests a potential link between gut health and hormonal regulation, more studies are needed to establish a clear connection between probiotic supplementation and menstrual cycle regulation.

Some individuals have reported improvements in their menstrual symptoms after incorporating probiotics into their diet, but individual responses can vary.

The question remains: Can probiotics affect your menstrual cycle, particularly in cases of heavy periods? While there is ongoing research exploring the impact of gut microbiota on hormonal balance.

It's essential for those experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding to consult with a healthcare professional for a comprehensive evaluation and tailored guidance on managing their specific symptoms.

A healthcare provider can help determine the most suitable approaches for addressing heavy periods and associated concerns while considering individual health needs.


Grappling with heavy periods each month can be challenging for many women. Understanding the underlying causes, such as estrogen dominance, is key to finding relief.

Factors like medication, diet, and hormonal imbalances contribute to estrogen dominance, exacerbating menstrual irregularities. Dietary changes, supplements like DIMM and calcium D-glucarate, and products like OVEX can help manage heavy periods by aiding hormone metabolism and supporting ovarian health.

While the role of probiotics in menstrual regulation is still being explored, seeking personalized guidance from a healthcare professional is crucial.

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