Low Fat Diets and Sex Hormones

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Find out why low-fat diets can throw off your natural sex hormone balance!


0:00 Introduction: Low-fat diets and sex hormones

0:10 What are sex hormones?

0:42 Best and worst sources of cholesterol

1:08 Hormones creates from cholesterol

1:42 Side effects of low cholesterol

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In this video, we’re going to talk about the relationship between low-fat diets and your sex hormones.

Sex hormones are hormones produced by sex organs (ovaries and testicles) and the adrenal glands.

All sex hormones are created from cholesterol. This means that cholesterol is important for maintaining a healthy hormone balance. In fact, 75% of your cholesterol is created by your body. Only 25% of your cholesterol comes from the foods you eat.

The best sources of cholesterol are:

• Egg yolk

• Butter

• Meat

• Fish

• Seafood

• Organ meats

• Dairy

Coconuts (and coconut oil), avocados, and nuts are not good sources of cholesterol.

The sex hormones created with cholesterol are:

• Estrogens

• Progesterone

• Androgens (including testosterone)

• Cortisol

• Aldosterone

If you starve your body of cholesterol on a low-fat diet or while on statins, the side effects can be severe. Side effects of low cholesterol include:

• Low libido

• Depression

• Stress

• Insomnia

• Irritability

• Gallstones

• Low vitamin D (and other nutrients)

• Bloating

• Anxiety

• Brain atrophy

• Reduces cognitive function

• Increased risk of suicide

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