How to Lose Back Fat

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Is learning how to lose back fat effectively a struggle? Read on to let me help you get rid of that stubborn back fat so you can achieve your body goals more efficiently.

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In this article:

  1. The Three Causes of Back Fat
  2. How Do You Get Rid of Fat Storing Hormone?
  3. How Do You Fix Cortisol Problems?
  4. What Are the Best Exercises to Lose Back Fat Fast?

How to Lose Back Fat: What You Should Do


The Three Causes of Back Fat

Understanding how to lose back fat starts with knowing why it occurs in the first place. There are three causes for this. The first one is you may have a problem with Fat Storing Hormone, which is the hormone that makes the muffin top that can extend around the back. The second one deals with the cortisol hormone, which also triggers Fat Storing Hormone and can cause the muffin top in the waist area. The third one that's common is the actual muscles on your back.

A lot of people neglect the back muscles simply because they don't see their back and they see the front only. So, they do sit-ups and ab workouts, but they neglect the back, which is just as important as the front. But, there are key things to strengthen and tone the back muscles to make sure you get rid of back fat.


How Do You Get Rid of Fat Storing Hormone?

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The first step in knowing how to lose back fat is to lower Fat Storing Hormone levels. There are these so-called “three S’s” that serve as a guide for reducing Fat Storing Hormone.

1. No “Snacking” in Between Meals

You have to stop snacking in between meals. It increases Fat Storing Hormone just like any other type of eating. What you can do is follow intermittent fasting instead, which involves a cycle of eating and fasting periods. The five to six small meals daily meal plan is bad advice for fat loss. Just avoid snacking at all costs and aim to eat three meals to avoid an unhealthy weight.

If you want to go through the next meal without snacking, add a little bit of healthy fat. That puts you through a fat-burning state, where you use ketones, not glucose, for energy. This process helps lower the need for Fat Storing Hormone, which is very important.

2. Avoid “Sugars”

You may already know about this, but you have to avoid sugar from your calorie intake to lower Fat Storing Hormone. This includes the following, such as:

  • Bread
  • Pasta
  • Cereals
  • Crackers
  • Waffles
  • Biscuits
  • Pancakes
  • Muffins
  • Sodas
  • Juice
  • Alcohol
  • Yogurt (because it has 10 g of sugar)

3. “Spike Out” Greens

Spike out greens in your diet because these have potassium that helps decrease the need for Fat Storing Hormone. In fact, Fat Storing Hormone and potassium work closely together, and if you can increase your potassium, you can lower the need for Fat Storing Hormone. If you also fix Fat Storing Hormone problems, you start absorbing more potassium in your body. You can add bigger salads in or include wheatgrass juice to your meals.

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How Do You Fix Cortisol Problems?

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The next step in knowing how to lose back fat is to fix your cortisol problems. The way you usually know you have cortisol problems is when you are under stress. Your tolerance for stress is low, and people get on your nerves easily. You don't sleep that well, and you get belly fat. One of the best things to avoid these stress symptoms is to get rid of the three types of stress.

1. Body Stress

Your body is like a sponge. It holds and accumulates stress over time, and time does not heal stress. There is a physical technique you can perform to stop body stress. It's a stress extraction technique using a massage tool I developed to remove body stress. Every night you go to sleep, free yourself from the stress. Mechanically, this technique helps release the points of all the stress in your body.

2. People Stress

I know you know this, but out of all the things that stress people out are people—antagonistic ones and those who bring you down. What I like to do in this situation is to look into my environment and identify who is stressing me out the most. You can either avoid or deal with the person or improve the situation.

There is even stress from watching TV, specifically the news. News is just recycled sensation. Newspeople are taking one point in their story and trying to come up with different ways to present it. It’s okay to watch the news but make sure you don't keep watching that same point over and over.

3. Nutritional Factors

There are two main nutrients that help lower cortisol. The first one is Vitamin B1. When you are under stress, you deplete this vitamin. Vitamin B1 releases stress out of your body and makes you feel calm. It also increases your tolerance for stress. A lot of people are deficient of it because they are mainly consuming grains and refined sugars.

The best source for Vitamin B1 is nutritional yeast. Take a teaspoon a day, and you can feel a difference in about a minute after consuming. It's quite dramatic.

The other nutrient you need is potassium, which is good for lowering Fat Storing Hormone and cortisol levels. You can get this from vegetables. You cannot lower cortisol just by doing a high-protein diet or anything like that. You need to add greens because potassium is a physiological tranquilizer. It's a calming mineral, just like calcium. But with potassium, you need so much more, which most people are deficient.


What Are the Best Exercises to Lose Back Fat Fast?

The last thing in learning how to lose back fat fast deals with your exercise. There are four workouts to lose back fat I’m going to recommend. If you think about it, people are doing sit-ups to lose belly fat, but they don't reverse the flow, which significantly affects your back muscles.

1. Leg Raise While Facing Down

This exercise deals with the extensors in the glutes. To do this, position your body facing the ground with your arms on the floor as support. Make sure the elbows form a 90-degree angle. Raise or lift one leg, keeping the knees straight. Raise your legs alternately; this exercise stretches your back effectively. Do it as long as you can until you feel fatigued. Rest for about 3-4 mins and do it again until you feel like you need to stop.

2. Side Push-Up

This exercise allows you to perform on your side with your arm as support. Again, keep the elbow at a 90-degree angle. If you’re using the left arm as support, then your body will be leaning towards the left side while your right hand is on the side of your waist. Push and pull using your hips. Do this on the other side of the body. Do as many reps as you can. This lets you work on your core from a different angle. It targets your obliques, the side muscles that wrap your abdominal sides, which helps tone the waist and burn fat in your waist area.

3. Side Positioning Hold

This workout plan is where you just get on your side and hold it; it has the same starting position as side push-ups. Raise your other arm up while on your starting position and hold this position as long as you can. Do this on the other side as well. Repeat the exercise as many times as you can and do this every other day. This helps you create stability. It's like a yoga move, but it builds up your core, which is your midsection.

4. Back Arch

This workout routine is just the straight reversal of sit-ups and is good for lower back pain. It's also good for people doing a lot of sit-ups. Some call this the “Superman” move because you lay on the floor like a flying Superman. So, lay on your stomach with your arms extended to the front (again, like you’re flying), and then arch back. You can do back arching as many times as you want and take a rest when you feel exhausted for 4 minutes before doing it again.

To lose back fat, you need to do this to tone your back muscles. You are also not necessarily burning calories for this workout, but you’re also getting the muscles more toned and developed. This is an area where so many fitness enthusiasts failed to work on where the muscles start to fall apart.

Knowing how to lose back fat effectively requires your understanding of the causes of the fat, so you know what to prevent and what to work on to get rid of it. You need to learn further what Fat Storing Hormone and cortisol are and how they work that can significantly affect your body. Proper exercise is also key to completely remove back fat and lose weight. So, if you are having difficulties eliminating your back fat, start switching to a healthy lifestyle now and follow my advice.

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