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How to Detox GMO Chemicals From Your Body [INFOGRAPHIC]

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/29/2023

Interested in learning how to detox GMO chemicals naturally? Look no further to start cleansing your body right away. 

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How to Detox GMO Chemicals for a Cleaner Body

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What Is GMO?

GMO is an acronym for genetically modified organism, which can be an animal, plant, microorganism, or other organisms, whose genetic structure has been altered in the lab using genetic technology or engineering. This genetic modification affects plenty of the products we use today. 

Are GMOs safe? It depends on which plant, animal, or organism is being genetically modified. The GMOs can provide benefits or be harmful. 

For example, one analysis of 76 studies revealed that genetically engineered corn provided a higher yield and a fewer number of toxins produced by fungi than non-genetically modified ones. But, the controversy about the use of genetically modified seeds producing crops of corn, soy, cotton, sorghum, canola, and alfalfa resistant to glyphosate is still on the rise.  

What Is Glyphosate?

Airplane crop duster | How to Detox GMO Chemicals From Your Body [INFOGRAPHIC]

Glyphosate is an herbicide that's sprayed on plants to get rid of broadleaf plants and grasses and is one of the GMO chemicals that can enter your body. It works by killing most plants as it acts as a non-selective herbicide and prevents plants from producing proteins necessary for growth. People usually apply this chemical on weeds in industrial areas, on gardens and lawns, and in forestry and agriculture.

Glyphosate in the Environment

The first thing you need to know as a fact is this: Worldwide, since 1974, there have been 9.4 million tons of this chemical put into the environment. To give you a simpler picture of how much glyphosate is in our surroundings, I will provide a comparison. A ton is equal to 2,000 pounds. If you convert 9.4 million tons, that would equate to 23,000 Olympic-size pools filled with glyphosate in our environment. That's a tremendous amount of chemicals.

The World Health Organization stated that the chemical may be a probable carcinogen. There was only one long-term study done on this, and it was completely political. It's kind of depressing knowing the effects it can cause. 

How to Heal from GMOs Like Glyphosate

Selection of different meat at white wooden table | How to Detox GMO Chemicals From Your Body [INFOGRAPHIC]

1. Make Sure You Don’t Consistently Consume GMO Chemicals

Glyphosate may already be in your system and to eliminate it, you first need to make sure you don’t keep eating genetically modified foods. To do this, start adding organic foods, organic ingredients, herbs, and leafy greens to your diet. This includes organic meat, dairy, and bacon. You have to avoid GMO products and pick either non-GMO, GMO-free or even gluten-free ingredients because the feeds fed to the animals, without the non-GMO labeling, are soaked in glyphosate. 

For sweeteners, you can use sugar beets for a healthier option. When cooking meat, use olive oil as it provides many health benefits as well, such as being an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals.    

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2.  Detox to Rid the Body of Harmful Chemicals

Fresh broccoli on white background closeup | How to Detox GMO Chemicals From Your Body [INFOGRAPHIC]

You can also detox GMO chemicals you get from GMO foods. There's something called phase I and II detoxification enzymes in the liver. Your body naturally has the enzymes to do detoxification, but you can also get these enzymes through certain foods, like the cruciferous family of veggies.  

Cruciferous vegetables have enzymes that help enhance the detoxification of your body where you take these toxic chemicals and turn them into harmless particles through the liver. To maximize the detox benefit of these vegetables, consume a lot of them. You can even steam them!

You can also drink green tea as it helps boost the detoxification abilities of the body. It can also aid in strengthening the immune system while protecting the liver from environmental toxins. Drinking an organic juice cleanse and plenty of water are also another option to help detoxify your body. 

3. Consume Fulvic and Humic Acid to Clean the Gut

Smiling Woman Drinking Refreshing Water With Fresh Organic Lemon , Lime, Mint | How to Detox GMO Chemicals From Your Body [INFOGRAPHIC]

Fulvic acid is a group of organic acids, humus components, and natural compounds that provide many health benefits like detoxification. Humic acid is similar to fulvic, and the difference is in the color, molecular weight, degree of polymerization, acidity, and carbon and oxygen content. These acids have the capacity to detoxify your gut from all toxic chemicals building up in there. You can get them through dietary supplements or powdered drink.

Humus Definition: An organic material found in the soil that's typically the remains of grass, leaves, and other organic matter. It's rich in minerals and highly nutritious, vital for the growth of plants. 

Don't forget to download, save, or share this handy infographic for reference:

How to Detox GMO Chemicals From Your Body Infographic | How to Detox GMO Chemicals From Your Body

Detoxing GMOs out of the body is simple as long as you understand the health risks and effects. Just put some effort into going organic—and not just with the superfoods like fruits and vegetables, but also with the meat and dairy you eat.

Do you know of other natural ways to detox GMO chemicals from your body? Share them in the comments section below.

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