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Can Hormones Be Making You Fat

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

We’ve all heard it before: to lose weight, your body must burn stored fat. Yet, despite counting calories and maintaining a regular exercise regimen, many of us still can’t shed the pounds.

According to the Center for Disease Control, 66% of adult Americans are overweight, and while the majority of them probably want to trim down, they’re losing the battle of the bulge. That could be because they’re not armed with the right weapons. Like knowing your metabolic body type and your hormonal body type. You see, they’re not just fighting fat. New research reveals the true culprit behind the weight loss struggle, hormones. There are fat-burning hormones.

Being overweight is your body’s reaction to a dysfunctional glandular system. Until your glands function in a healthy manner, your body will stubbornly hold on to excess fat. People think if they lose weight they will be healthy, but the truth is that they must first get healthy before their bodies can kick into fat-burning mode.

My new book, “The 7 Principles of Fat Burning”, explains why the body shape is the best indicator of which hormones are unbalanced.

You’ve probably heard of pear and apple-shaped bodies but didn’t understand the cause of each particular body shape. For instance, women who carry the bulk of their weight in the lower body have been referred to as having a pear shape. I call them an ovary type because the ovary system is not functioning properly and the hormone estrogen will cause fat to accumulate around the hips more than any other place.

Assessing body shape is crucial to creating the right plan to nurture the glands back to healthy functioning. In my book, you can take an extensive quiz to identify your specific issues and discover your individualized body type. Because each gland controls distinct body features, you will quickly learn to differentiate one gland from another. The thyroid gland, for example, controls hair, nails, skin, energy level and body temperature compared to the adrenal gland which controls all stress responses and sleep patterns.

Fat Burning Hormones

Each body shape requires corrective actions, in addition to eating and exercise plans to restore the body shape. Your metabolism is controlled by hormones. You have 6 fat burning hormones which are each triggered differently.

To lose weight you must learn how to avoid the fat storing triggers and stimulate the fat burning hormones instead. Most people have been mistakenly focusing on the calories – the wrong thing.

The 7 Principles of Fat Burning” is concise yet comprehensive. Unlike some books that lose the reader in scientific jargon when attempting to explain complex mechanisms of the human body, I have tried to pen an easy to understand guide for anyone struggling to lose weight. The science behind each body type’s diet and exercise plan is explained in no-nonsense terms that make it clear to you, why the plan will work.

You will also learn the truth behind some of the most popular weight loss mantras, such as why drinking 8 glasses of water a day can actually harm some body types, how hormones in meat affect your body, and why eating in moderation, a one-size-fits-all approach to dieting-simply doesn’t work.

There are five key elements to weight problems that most people don’t fully understand:

  1. Why stress causes the body to store fat.

  2. What your food cravings mean.

  3. Why Europeans are thinner than Americans.

  4. How to avoid foods that trigger hormone induced fat.

  5. Why sleep problems are linked to weight problems.

The “7 Principles of Fat Burning” is not your standard weight-loss fare. Learn how to attack the true cause of your weight problems; unbalanced hormones. The bottom line is clear: You can achieve weight loss and better health after you help your body’s glandular system operate in a balanced way.


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