What to Do When You Get Fatigued on the Ketosis Diet

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 12/01/2015

What to Do When You Get Fatigued on the Ketosis Diet

Patients sometimes ask me, “When I’m on the Ketosis diet, I get fatigued or lethargic, why is this?

Ketosis is the process where you are switching the fuel source to more burning. of fat.

Typically, our body will normally run on sugar as a priority if given a chance. You have 24 to 72 hours of burning sugar and then it turns into burning fat when you are on the ketosis diet.

The purpose of fat is to protect you against the starvation of sugar. So, you want to starve yourself of sugar in order to start converting over to the burning of your fat. The majority of people do not burn fat because they had a little too much of sugar.

The body has to make all these new enzymes to breakdown new foods . It takes a period of time- from three days to two weeks.

The one nutrient your body needs in this mechanism is Vitamin B5. If you don’t have Vitamin B5, which is kind of a co-vitamin or helper, you will start to have fatigue or lethargy.

Vitamin B helps the adrenal by boosting metabolism with more energy.

Go to the health store and get Vitamin B5. It will help with the fatigue and lethargy.

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