The Best Tips To Get Back On Track With Keto

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Did you knock yourself out of ketosis lately and want to get back on track with your keto diet? I’ll give you some helpful tips to solve this problem, so you can achieve ketosis again.

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  1. Stress and Alcohol Are Major Factors for Weight Gain
  2. How to Get Back on Track with Keto Naturally

How to Get Back on Track with the Keto Diet

Stress and Alcohol Are Major Factors for Weight Gain

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Before I give you helpful tips to get back to ketosis, let me talk about the major reasons why you were knocked out of ketosis. Stress is one reason. It’s everywhere, and we can’t always avoid it. People have different coping mechanisms for stress. One common strategy is emotional eating, which can make you fat as it increases your appetite. Eating to relieve stress and eating if you’re not hungry kicks you out of ketosis. 

Alcohol is also another major factor for weight gain, and it relates to stress as well. Some people cope with stress by binge drinking alcoholic drinks. Alcohol is made from starch or sugar, two of the calories you should avoid when on keto. Drinking alcohol can definitely knock you out of ketosis as well. 

How to Get Back on Track with Keto Naturally

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Don’t lose hope if you knock yourself out of ketosis because you can always get back on track. There are a few things you can do to allow ketosis in your body again. What happens when people are off track is they get into the old habit of eating unhealthily. This habit connects to the past—your old lifestyle. To avoid this matter, you have to do things that keep you in the present state, which is eating healthily. 

1. Keep a Food Log

The first thing I recommend is easy to do—keep a food log to document what you eat each day. This helps you keep yourself in the present state and keeps you conscious and aware of what you're doing. What you should do is write down all the healthy foods you eat throughout the day on the left side of your journal, and then on the right side, write down your motivation for eating healthily.   

Having a food log is all about bringing you into the present state to keep you in the present situation. This means you are connecting yourself to your current environment. It also serves as an exercise for you to focus on your weight loss goals. 

2. Change Some of Your Motivation for Healthy Eating

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The second thing is to change some of your motivation to eat. This means you need to ask yourself why you are eating this type of food and what you get from eating it. This helps you keep track of what your goals and intentions are and why you’re doing this in the first place.

The two good reasons to eat healthily are to promote good health and to fulfill hunger in a healthy way. You can also get pleasure in eating healthily. It only needs your body to adapt to the healthy changes you’re making. You can prepare "healthy junk food" at home like small keto desserts or a keto snack. This gives you a healthy alternative to the usual unhealthy junk foods. 

You can have a healthier alternative for alcohol, too. Try kombucha tea that contains 5.6% of alcohol. I tried drinking it to test it out, and it didn't give me negative reactions. I felt relaxed, not drunk though, and stress-free.

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3. Change Your Environment 

A change in your environment is also helpful to get back on track with your ketogenic diet. This includes not hanging out at the bar with your friends anymore. Changing your environment to a healthier one helps you think of good things related to keto, fitness, and weight loss goals. You can spend time with people who choose to live healthily, so they can influence you to do the same. 

4. Strengthen Your Willpower

You need to strengthen your willpower, too, to resist unhealthy food temptations. One of the effective ways of exercising this mental ability is to try to say ‘no’ to these foods whenever they’re in front of you. It’s also helpful to remember that you want to lose weight, so it’s easier for you to resist food temptations. You do have to be careful in situations where you have a hard time resisting temptations, though. Just make sure you maximize your willpower if this moment comes.

5. Don’t Eat When You're Not Hungry

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This rule is like self-discipline as it allows you to focus on not eating and also eliminates the reasons for eating. Fasting helps improve your cognitive function and mental health as your brain starts to regrow brain cells. It also reduces your food addiction, which is all about your mindset. Try to go longer periods without eating to maximize the benefits of fasting. When you wake up in the morning from a restful sleep, assess if you’re hungry. If you are, start your routine with a breakfast of a huge salad to make you feel satisfied healthily. 

6. Don’t Get Stressed Over the Fact That You’re Not in Ketosis Anymore

This is probably one important thing keto dieters tend to forget because the fact that you’re not in ketosis anymore can produce so much stress and guilt. We want to avoid stress as much as possible to prevent emotional eating or binge drinking alcohol. Instead, keep a mindset of following healthy habits and then getting back on track with weight loss. Try to find that motivation again when you first started your keto diet and remember what that felt like. You can also check out success stories online of people who got back on track with keto to motivate you even more and to stop thinking negatively.

To get back on track with keto, you first need to understand why you were knocked out of ketosis. If the reason is stress, try to get to the bottom of it to free yourself from it and get your energy levels back. Once you get out of it, you can simply follow my tips above to experience the benefits of ketosis again in a few months. Don’t forget about your workout or your usual physical activity, too!    

When was the last time you had a ketogenic meal? How was your weight status since then? Share your thoughts and experience in the comments section below!

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