The 6 Secrets to Looking Younger

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

I'm going to explain how to look younger and why these tips really work.

0:00 Introduction: How to look younger

0:45 Causes of damaged proteins

4:50 How to get rid of AGEs

7:15 How to get youthful skin and look younger

23:32 Check out my video on autophagy!

When it comes to looking younger, we're really dealing with the accumulation of damaged proteins.

The more damaged proteins you have, internally and externally, the older you'll look. Damaged proteins can cause a lot of problems throughout the body and can also make you look old.

A big cause of damaged proteins is AGEs (advanced glycation end products). To get rid of AGEs, you need to get your body into a condition called autophagy. Autophagy recycles old damaged proteins to make new ones. This is essential to help you look younger.

The best way to get into autophagy is by doing intermittent fasting. If you're already doing intermittent fasting, you can also try OMAD (one meal a day). If you're experienced with OMAD, you could try dry OMAD.

Additional ways to look younger:

• Get plenty of sun or infrared light

• Support your liver

• Support bile production

• Consume enough fat in your diet

• Consume plenty of vegetables and have them with fat (like olive oil)

• Support your antioxidant networks (by doing exercise and fasting)

• Don't consume sugar or refined carbs

• Stop smoking

• Work hard to counter stress

• Make sure you consume a moderate amount of high-quality protein

• Support your microbiome


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