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Sugar The Bitter Truth

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Sugar The Bitter Truth

“What does the Atkins diet and the Japanese diet have in common? The Atkins diet is all fat no carbs and the Japanese diet is all carb no fat – they both work."

Robert H. Lustig M.D.

The following is from Robert H. Lustig M.D Presentation:

Both diets limit the sugar fructose.

With that, think about what it means to be on a diet and what macronutrients you’re eating and which one’s you’re not.

You’ve all heard about the obesity academic. We all weigh 25 more pounds than we did 25 years ago.

Not only are the obese getting bigger but the population, on average are getting larger.

It is often said the obesity is the ultimate interaction between genetics and environment. Our genetics pool has not change but our environment has definitely change.

In order to talk about the environment, we have to talk about obesity.

“If you eat it, you better burn or you will store it.”

I use to believe that. I don’t anymore and this is what I’m going to debunk.

The problems are the belief that calories in and calories out. Even on television you hear that we eat too much.

If this was the case than how does the Japanese do this?

Why are they doing bariatric surgery on children in Japan, China, Korean and Australia?

Once other countries started adopting American way of eating they all suffer from the same problem.

If you are going to store it, that is, biochemical forces that drive energy storage and you expect to burn it, then the normal energy expenditure is for the normal quality of life.

Energy expenditure and quality life are the same thing.

Things that make your energy expenditure go up make you feel good like coffee.

Things that make your energy expenditure go down make you feel bad like starvation.

How many calories you burn and how good you feel are synonymous.

If you are going to store it, that is, an obligated weight gain setup by a biochemical process and you expect to burn it that is normal energy expenditure for a normal quality of life than you are going to have to eat it.

Now, calorie in and calorie out is secondary to a biochemical process which is primary.

It’s another way to look at the process and also alleviate the obese person from being the perpetrator but the victim which is how obese people really feel.

No one chooses to be obese, especially children.

In fact, this is the exception that proves the rule; we have an epidemic of obesity of 6 months olds.

If you want to say that it is all about diet and exercise, then you have to explain this. This is not just in America; it is all around the world.

Calorie Intake

Sure enough we are all now eating more now more than we ate 20 years ago.

But the real question is why?

There is a system in our body called leptin which is a hormone that comes from your fat cell that tells your brain when to stop eating, but if you are eating 187 calories more than you ate 20 years ago your leptin is not working.

So, there is something wrong with the biochemical negative feedback that normally controls energy balance.

All the missing calories are in the carbohydrates that are responsible. We are eating more carbohydrates.

We were told by the American Medical Association, American Heart Association and the U.S. Department of Agriculture told us that we needed to lower fat, back in 1982.

So, we did it and now look at the:

  • stroke

  • obesity

  • non-alcoholic

  • fatty liver syndrome

  • cardiovascular disease

Thes have all jacked up while we eat less fat. It’s not the fat but the increase carbohydrates such as in fruit drinks and soda.

One can of soda is 150 calories multiply that by 365 days. One can of soda every day can equal up to 15.1 pounds a year.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Every person in American consume 63 pounds of fructose corn syrup per year.

One of the reasons fructose is used is because it is sweeter and cheaper.

You are told that fructose corn syrup and sucrose syrup are the same and indeed they are. They are equally bad.

They are both dangers and are poison.

Risks of Fructose:

  • Cause higher risk for gout.

  • High blood pressure

  • Hypertension

  • 30% of fructose turns into fat

  • Causes Fat Storing Hormone resistance.

  • Inflammation

  • Stimulates higher Fat Storing Hormone where your brain can’t see when to stop because your brain thinks it’s starving or in other words, creates addiction.

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