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The #1 Worst Ingredient in the World (HIDING IN YOUR FOODS)

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 04/10/2022

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The worst ingredient in the world is hiding in many common foods. Is it in your pantry right now?

0:00 Introduction: The worst ingredient in the world

0:28 What is the glycemic index?

1:40 What is the worst ingredient in the world?

3:52 Which foods contain maltodextrin?

7:05 What is maltodextrin used for?

9:48 Check out my video on the glycemic index and the glycemic load!

The #1 worst ingredient in the world is in a lot of our foods, and it’s much higher on the glycemic index than glucose.

The glycemic index is a scale that measures how fast a carbohydrate is absorbed and spikes your blood sugar. The ingredient we’re going to talk about ranks as the highest ingredient on the glycemic index.

The worst ingredient in the world is maltodextrin. Maltodextrin is not classified as a sugar, but it behaves like a sugar.

When you read a food label on a product that contains maltodextrin, the maltodextrin doesn’t have to be classified as a sugar. Instead, it’s classified under total carbohydrates. This can be misleading because now you don’t know how much sugar is really in the product.

Maltodextrin is a man-made synthetic sugar-like carbohydrate. It’s highly processed and is absorbed in the body faster than sugar. Maltodextrin depletes nutrients and spikes insulin—it’s even classified as an insecticide.

Maltodextrin could be hiding in certain foods, drinks, and supplements, such as:

• Natural flavorings

• Herbal extracts

• Stevia powders

• MCT oil powders

• Fish oil powders

• Performance gels

• Energy drinks

• Protein powders

• Electrolyte powder

• Infant formulas

• Baby foods

• Weight gain formulas

• Beer

• Animal feeds

• Many keto products

• Many diet products

• Soups

• Desserts

• Cereals

• Sauces

• Intravenous nutrition

• Certain medications

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