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Addicted to Sweets or Do You Just Love Them

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 04/12/2016

Addicted to Sweets or Do You Just Love Them?


People that crave sweets don’t realize they are addicted.

Addiction is something that if I would tell you not to have anymore, you will say, “No, I can’t live without it”. It’s a thing you cannot resist.

A habit is something you might remember and is pleasurable but you don’t have to have it.

Sweets are more addictive than drugs because it is everywhere.

Sweets are even more addictive if you are on a diet and are told you cannot have it – you will want it more. 

A better strategy is to substitute something that gives you the exact same pleasure as the sweets but without the sugar.

There’s a book I created that is called ‘Healthy Substitute Pleasure Foods’.

It has amazing little recipes that are made with alternative sugars and no flour:

  • Candy bars

  • English muffins

  • Healthy granola

  • Bread

  • Cookies

  • Peanut butter cups

  • Ice cream

It will give you the exact same sensation. There is nothing good in sugar at all.

If you use substitutes, you will avoid the blood sugar spikes and over time, the receptors for sugar that were downgraded and adapted will become upgraded.

This means eventually at a long period of time, you will think sugar is too sweet.

You will realize it is not normal to have cravings or to have a strong desire to like sweets and it will blow your mind.

New sensitivity to sweets may take two weeks, a month, or two months.

What will happen is your sensitivity to sugar will be up. Things will be too sweet and you will lose weight.

I recommend using my book and getting started with using substitutes.

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