7 Things that Can Pull You Out of Depression

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Discover a few natural ways to get out of depression.


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Today I’m going to cover seven things that can help pull you out of depression. There is an interesting link between BDNF and depression. They found that there is no way to diagnose depression. But, they also found that people who are depressed have low levels of BDNF.

So, I want to talk about how to enhance BDNF. All of the trials delivering BDNF into the central nervous system have failed. So, how can we enhance it naturally?

BDNF is basically a fertilizer for the brain. It helps with nerve growth, nerve differentiation, and the maintenance of the synapse between the nerves.

Benefits of BDNF:

• It can help improve learning

• It can help improve long-term memory

• It helps higher thinking

• It helps you think more clearly

• It helps you become more mentally alert

• It can decrease inflammation

• It can increase the absorption of neurotransmitters

Things to help enhance BDNF and get out of depression:

1. Deep sleep (at least 7 high-quality hours of deep sleep)

2. Exercise (fastest and most effective method of increasing BDNF)

3. Sunlight

4. Intermittent fasting and periodic prolonged fasting

5. Healthy Keto

6. Avoid sugar

7. Magnesium











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