Fried Fish


Pork rinds are a great alternative to breading for deep frying.  This recipe uses pork rinds as the breading for the fish.  Be careful when buying pork rinds, some brands tend to use maltodextrin which is not good because it can spike your blood sugar worse than sugar!

Fried Fish

TOTAL TIME: 45 minutes


For Fried Fish:

Pork Rinds - 3 cups (measured when ground)

Eggs - 4 large

Coconut Flour - 1/2 cup

Fish - 2-3 fillets (3 oz)

Safflower Oil - about 2 cups (16 oz) for frying


For Dipping Sauce:

Mayonnaise (non-GMO) - 1 tablespoon

Sriracha or Chili Paste - 1 teaspoon


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