Thyroid Body Type for Weight Loss

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

The Stages of the Thyroid Body Type

The body is made up of a series of intriguing body types, and each body type is associated with a series of characteristics and even ailments.

Find your body type by paying close attention to the various characteristics of your body throughout the day or better yet by taking this body type quiz.

One especially minimizing type is the thyroid body type. This type has three progressively damaging stages.

The initial stage is defined by fatigue. Despite steady sleep, an abundance of the right vitamins, and energy maintenance, the individual is in a constant state of tiredness. Stage 2 is defined by an intense gain in weight. Interestingly, the weight is not confined to any one area. Loose skin begins developing under the neck and the arms due to protein maintenance efficiency.

The final stage of the thyroid body type is quite devastating to the whole body and the individual's habits and health. The individual begins craving carbohydrates as found in waffles, pasta, bread, biscuits, etc.

The carbs actually deplete the body even further, progressively worsening the body. This is partly due to the thyroid body types inability to absorb vitamins at a high level. As they take on more carbohydrates, they are stacking it in excessive weight gain and not absorbing them properly- if at all.

By this stage in the thyroid body, individuals find they cannot regulate body temperature. Wearing socks to bed and being unnecessarily cold, they may also discover they have apathetic moods or even mood issues in general.

The fatigue that plagued them in stage 1 will only have gained greater authority in the coming stages, worsening to a point where they feel incapacitated. This, of course, enhances the mood for the worse.

The easiest way to battle against further development of this type is by getting healthy.

An individual has to get healthy to begin losing weight. If they accomplish the task the other way around, they will find the weight is either never lost, or gained back immediately.

The thyroid body type is a major issue for women and can detriment a happy lifestyle.

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