The Truth About Cholesterol

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

For almost a century, we were made to believe that cholesterol is the main culprit of heart attacks. Now that research and science have advanced, the claim has now gone down into a myth. The 1950 study on the correlation between fat consumption and heart attack is nothing more than just a mere manipulation of data. Countries with high-fat consumption but low heart attack rates and low-fat consumption but high heart attack rates were left out. Thus, how can that show the real relationship between fat and heart attacks?

We’ve all heard the raging war between HDL and LDL. These stand for high-density lipoproteins and low-density lipoproteins. They’re not exactly cholesterol but they’re envelopes that carry cholesterol throughout the body. HDL carries the old cholesterol to the liver to be recycled. If cholesterol is so bad, why would our body bother to recycle it? Simply because our body needs it. Our bodies make 2 000 mg of cholesterol every single day. Nearly every single cell in the body makes cholesterol.

Truth be told that when you eat less cholesterol, your body will just make more of it.

Cholesterol works as a band-aid to help arteries that are corroding, getting ulcers, or getting inflammation. It acts as a healing agent and that’s why cholesterol is in the artery – to heal it. It’s not the culprit; it’s the middleman. Most of our brain is made of cholesterol to allow the insulation to travel through the nerves.

All the cell walls are made from cholesterol. Most hormones are made from cholesterol, especially the sex hormones. It’s also needed to make vitamin D to help convert and increase the calcium in the blood. With that, we can transport other vitamins into the bone. Thus, we desperately need cholesterol to survive.

Now, about 'bad cholesterol', they’re not really bad. They’re envelopes to transport calcium back and forth. Out of the LDL, a very small part of it is really bad. LDL comes in different sizes, and the really small ones form the plaque. But, the purpose is to heal the inflammation. What causes inflammation? Sugar and cortisol. Sugar is the biggest culprit. Cortisol is also anti-inflammatory in nature, but when it loses that effect, you'll end up with inflammation in the body.


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