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The Non stress Cause of High Cortisol

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Surely, all of us have experienced being stressed, be it physical, mental, or emotional stress. Any stressor triggers the hormone called cortisol which causes us to feel stressed when it gets so high.

However, external factors aren’t the sole contributors to high cortisol. The internal culprit is actually Fat Storing Hormone. Cortisol is the counter hormone to Fat Storing Hormone. Another name for cortisol is glucocorticoid, and it’s responsible for controlling our blood sugar.

Our cells tap our glucose reserve and this surge is a normal response to an emergency for quick energy, mental acuity, and sharp thinking. This may appear to be an ideal functioning of the body, but in the long run, it could develop into a condition called Fat Storing Hormone resistance.

That’s when your receptors stop regulating glucose, and having high levels of unused Fat Storing Hormone is toxic to the body. When this situation continues, this can lead to diabetes or even cancer.


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