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The Cholesterol Myth

By Dr. Eric Berg DC
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We’ve all been taught growing up that cholesterol is the enemy of mankind; that cholesterol should be avoided at all cause, because you’ll develop heart diseases by eating cholesterol-rich food. And that it clogs the arteries, leading to stroke. However, it turns out that this claim has evolved to what we call now as a myth. In fact, the body – 75% of it – is made up of cholesterol, which our body produced.

Another reality bite about cholesterol is that our hormones, namely the steroids testosterone, adrenal hormones, and the sex hormones need cholesterol to reproduce. All these hormones prevent premature aging, and they’re all built from cholesterol and that cutting down on our intake would lead to lots of health problems.

In addition to the list of the essence of cholesterol is its contribution to the production of bile. The bile breaks down the grease in our liver, and with it helps the digestion of food. Without the bile, bloating and right shoulder pain can be felt. We also need this to absorb essential vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin D is actually made from cholesterol through the conversion of sunlight in the skin. All the skin membranes are also made from cholesterol. The brain is made of cholesterol. The skin is lined with cholesterol. With all these into consideration, the body basically needs the lipid to be functional and efficient.

Eggs are known for having lots of cholesterol but they actually increase the good cholesterol. Being loaded with lecithin, it becomes an antidote. This fatty substance breaks down the lipid.

In a study about the risks of high and low cholesterol, it shows that those with low cholesterol shows a higher rate of deaths. Cholesterol-lowering drugs include a 700% increase in colon cancers, a 12-fold increase in breast cancer, 45% in gallstones and 145% increase in gastritis. There are twice as many heart attacks, internal bleeding, severe constipation, liver disease and ulcers of the stomach and intestines. Anemia, taste and smell disturbances, visual difficulties, dizziness, low white blood cell count, heart rhythm problems, phlebitis and cancer also became predominant with low cholesterol levels.


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Source: The Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial (MRFIT). Stamler, J., Wentworth, D., J.D. Is the relationship between serum cholesterol and risk of premature death from coronary heart disease continuous and graded? Journal of the American Medical Association, 1986, 256, 2823

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