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The Benefits of Alcohol Are...

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 09/05/2021

If you’ve had people in the past tell you about the benefits of alcohol, you need to check this out.


0:00 Health benefits of alcohol

0:35 Misconceptions about alcohol

0:58 An interesting study

1:14 Is it ok to drink wine?

2:27 What you could do

4:17 Share your success story!

Today, I want to cover the health benefits of alcohol.

The health benefits of alcohol:


It turns out that any amount of alcohol can damage the brain and heart.

Misconceptions about alcohol:

• It’s heart-healthy

• Abstinence from alcohol is a cause of heart disease

• Women should have one drink a day

• Men should have two drinks a day

A new study out of the University of Oxford was done from 2014-2020 and involved 25,378 people. They found that even small amounts of alcohol can have a negative effect on your brain and your heart.

But aren’t there antioxidants in wine? Yes. But, although there are antioxidants, the alcohol in the wine is still a problem.

An enzyme in the liver converts the alcohol into acetaldehyde, which is highly toxic and may cause major oxidation in the liver and other organs. There is also a lot of free radical damage that occurs when you have too much acetaldehyde.

This video is not meant to tell you not to drink. It’s meant to give you the truth about alcohol. You shouldn’t drink more alcohol because you think it has health benefits. But there are great substitutes for alcohol as well as things you can do to help counter the damage from drinking alcohol.

What you could do:

1. Drink kombucha tea as an alternative to alcohol

2. Take kudzu root extract (to reduce cravings for alcohol)

3. Take L-glutamine (to reduce cravings for alcohol)

4. Take milk thistle before you drink (to counter the effects of alcohol)

Fasting is also very important, especially if you drink alcohol.



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