The 5 BIG Prolonged Fasting Mistakes: MUST WATCH

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Prolonged fasting is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Just be sure to avoid these prolonged fasting mistakes.

0:00 Introduction: Prolonged fasting mistakes to avoid

0:12 Top benefits of prolonged fasting

1:20 #1 Breaking your fast with carbs, fruit, or berries

4:14 #2 Doing intense exercise/work

5:06 #3 Overeating after a prolonged fast

6:33 #4 Consuming apple cider vinegar

7:22 #5 Consuming protein powders

8:11 Check out my other video on prolonged fasting 

Today I’m going to cover the biggest mistakes people make when they do prolonged fasting. 

Prolonged fasting is even more powerful than regular intermittent fasting. So, I want to give you some insight into some big problems you can avoid while doing prolonged fasting. 

Top benefits of prolonged fasting:

• It can help you avoid cancer

• It supports anti-aging

• It strengthens the immune system 

• It can help the brain grow new brain cells 

• It can help with chronic health conditions that involve inflammation 

Top prolonged fasting mistakes:

1. Breaking your fast with carbs, fruit, or berries 

2. Doing intense exercise/work (during or at the very end of your fast)

3. Overeating after a prolonged fast

4. Consuming apple cider vinegar (during or at the very end of your fast)

5. Consuming protein powders 



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