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Lose Weight After Pregnancy

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 07/11/2012

Pregnancy is one of the common causes of weight gain. So after giving birth, all a woman wants is to trim down and regain her original body shape. Weight gain during pregnancy can really ruin your physical appearance. In many cases, women tend to experience swollen hands, ankles, legs, and face. This swelling is normally triggered by amniotic fluid of the growing baby. This fluid, in turn, triggers weight gain. The good thing is that you can still lose weight after pregnancy and regain your youthful figure. There are numerous methods which you can trim down after giving birth. In fact, medical research has revealed that many women lose their fluid weight within two weeks by perspiring or urinating frequently.   

Another effective way to lose weight after pregnancy is to drink enough water. You are supposed to take at least twelve glasses of water daily to keep your body completely hydrated. All sugary beverages including soda and juice should be replaced with clean water. It is also a good idea to take hot lemon regularly to speed up your body's metabolism. Medical experts argue that taking flavored seltzer mixture without calories is also effective in helping women lose weight after pregnancy. It is known to burn a considerable amount of calories within a very short period of time.

Contrary to what many women believe, you can eat snacks and still lose weight after pregnancy. However, these snacks have to be healthy and capable of improving the body's metabolism. Such snacks include wheat cracker, popcorn, raisin, nuts, and more. Stay away from processed foods with preservatives and junk foods. You should also include a nice piece of lean meat from beef or chicken in your diet. Whole grains are also perfect for your weight loss mission. Then make sure to exercise regularly to speed up the process.

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