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Knee pain may sound trivial to some, but if you're experiencing knee pain, you know how big of a deal it can be. It can make even the most simple and necessary tasks like standing and walking challenging—or even impossible. Of course, if you have trouble standing and walking, this can interfere with work, time with your family, and much more. You may even experience knee pain when you're sitting or trying to sleep. I want to help. My unique techniques can provide instant knee pain relief.

Let's get you back on your feet and moving with ease.

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Person with knee pain holding knee with both hands | Amazing Knee Pain Relief Techniques 


Evaluating Your Pain

Chronic knee pain can be caused by many different issues. Inflammation in the knee joint or cartilage could result in swelling and knee pain. Past knee injuries could cause chronic pain and swelling. Osteoarthritis is also a common cause of knee pain. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage that cushions the knee joint wears down over time. This form of arthritis can cause chronic pain, swelling, stiffness, and many other issues.

Your knee pain could also be coming from another type of arthritis called rheumatoid arthritis. With this type of arthritis, there is a problem with chronic inflammation within the knee joint that can cause pain and swelling around the knee joint and cartilage.

However, no matter the cause of your knee pain, my unique techniques can help bring not only instant but lasting pain relief. The only situation where these techniques won't help relieve the pain is if you have an actual tear that's causing the knee pain.

Before I get started teaching you these incredible pain relief techniques, you need to know how to evaluate your pain. It's crucial to have an idea of where you're starting from so you can test your pain levels throughout the techniques and see how well they're helping. If my technique does not seem to relieve your pain at all, you may have a tear in the knee, and you should talk to your doctor about it.

To evaluate your starting point, stand with your feet together, and try bending both of your knees. Can you bend your knees at all? Make note of how far you can bend your knees. Now, on a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest amount of pain, what number would you rate your pain? Make note of this number. After you try the techniques below, give yourself another pain evaluation to determine if your knee pain is getting better. Likely, it will go from a high number all the way down to zero.

Man sitting on a couch holding knee with both hands | Amazing Knee Pain Relief Techniques


How This Technique Works for Knee Pain

There are plenty of different knee pain treatments and home remedies out there, not to mention traditional pain relievers, that all claim to help with knee pain that stems from inflammation or arthritis and different causes. So, what makes my knee pain relief techniques different? What makes them work?

Well, there is one key point that everyone gets wrong. If your knee is causing you pain, you likely rub that knee or have someone else work on that knee. This is the wrong approach.

You should actually be working on the good knee. That's right. You need to be working on the opposite knee than the one that's causing you pain.

People might tell you that if you cause pain to a different part of the body than what was originally causing you pain will stop hurting. That's not what's happening here. Basically, both areas are on the same circuit—they work together. So, by working on the opposite side, the good side, we're sending signals up to the brain to tell the knee that's in pain to stop shooting pain signals on that side.

Person performing a knee pain relief technique on another person with knee pain | Amazing Knee Pain Relief Techniques


What to Do for Knee Pain Relief

What's interesting is that the muscles on the opposite side always seem to be twice as tender. So, you can expect some tenderness and soreness. But, that's how you know you're working on the correct area. You can do these techniques on yourself using a massage tool, or you can have someone else do them on you. Of course, reference this video for a complete demonstration of the techniques outlined below.

Step-by-step guide:

Step one:

While the person in pain is sitting, begin by pressing on the top of the muscle that goes straight in the center of the thigh called the rectus femoris. You're going to press on this muscle moving upward going right up into the hip. Do this for about one minute.

Step two:

Now, the person doing the technique will begin to work on the muscle just outside of the one they were working on before. This muscle is called the vastus lateralis. Apply broad contact pressure to the muscle, pressing on it and gradually moving upwards. A good way to do this is to let gravity do the work for you. With your hand flat on the muscle, you can lean on it and apply pressure this way. Apply pressure for about one minute.

Step three:

For step three, we're going to continue to apply pressure, but to the side of the muscles. You're going to be angled into the side of the muscle. While steadily applying pressure, the person sitting should start to slowly bend and straighten the knee that's causing them pain. They may already start to notice a huge difference. Do this for about one minute.

Step four:

Now it's time for the person who was experiencing knee pain to evaluate their results. Do this by standing with your feet together, and once again bending both knees at the same time. How do you feel now? What's your pain score now? My guess is that you're already feeling better.



These super-simple knee pain relief techniques can help diminish your pain in just a matter of minutes. Forget over-the-counter pain medications that can have unpleasant side effects. If you're in pain, or flare-ups start to happen, give these techniques a try. They are so easy, and they work. It's time to get relief.

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