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How Much Vitamin D Do I Need? SURPRISING

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 11/09/2021

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Most people are not getting enough vitamin D. Find out how much vitamin D to take on a daily basis.


0:00 Introduction: How much vitamin D to take

0:10 What the experts say about vitamin D

0:34 How much vitamin D do we need per day?

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Let's talk about how much vitamin D you need on a daily basis.

The Vitamin D Council stated that healthy adults need 2000IU of vitamin D per day if they're getting little or no sun. Other experts recommend getting 400-800IU per day.

The problem is that vitamin D is measured in international units (IU) in supplements. But, when it's measured in the blood, they use ng/mL. So, it makes it confusing to know how much vitamin D someone should take if they're deficient.

The optimum concentration of vitamin D in the blood is 40-60ng/mL. So, if you had 20ng/mL, that would be low. But when you convert 20ng/mL to international units, you get 0.8IU/mL. An average-sized person has about 5L of blood, which would give us 4,000IU of vitamin D.

Something doesn't add up. This means that people who are deficient in vitamin D with 20ng/mL have about 4,000IU of vitamin D, which is greater than what's recommended.

So, how much is the optimum concentration of vitamin D in the blood, which is 40-60ng/mL, in international units? The answer is 8,000-9,000IU. This is what's actually normal in the blood.

How are you supposed to get the vitamin D you need if you only take the recommended amount? On top of that, you're probably not absorbing 100% of the vitamin D you take.

I believe the correct amount of vitamin D the average person should take is at least 10,000IU per day. They should also get plenty of sun exposure if possible.

I believe vitamin D is the most important vitamin—make sure you're getting enough.

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