Kids Eat 67 Percent Ultra-Processed Food

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 11/06/2023

Is your child eating ultra-processed foods? Find out why this is a problem and what the alternatives are.


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In this video, we’re going to talk about how 67% of the calories that kids consume come from ultra-processed foods.

That means that two-thirds of calories a child eats comes from ultra-processed foods!

What are ultra-processed foods? They are…

• Industrial grains

• Sweet snacks

• Ready-to-eat foods

• Ready-to-heat foods

• High in added sugar

• Trans fats

• Refined starches

Most of these foods are very low in important nutrients yet high in carbohydrates. In turn, you have high oxidation and few antioxidants in the body. This is like rusting out the inside of the body.

Excess oxidation can cause:

• Heart damage

• Cancer

• Diabetes

Most of the calories from ultra-processed foods are not eaten at home. Instead, they are eaten while out of the house, at restaurants, schools, etc.

When you consume ultra-processed foods, you’re never satisfied because they are very low in nutrients. This potentially leads to overeating and obesity.

This study went on from 1999 to 2018 and included 33,000 participants from ages 2 to 19. In 1999, ultra-processed foods made up 61% of a child’s diet; In 2018, they made up 67%.

As you can see, this amount is steadily increasing, which could mean our children could be consuming even more processed foods today.

Ultra-processed foods include:

• Soft drinks

• Chips

• Chocolate

• Candy

• Ice cream

• Sweetened breakfast cereal

• Packaged soups

• Chicken nuggets

• Hot dogs

• Fries

The best diet for avoiding ultra-processed foods is the Healthy Keto diet. Check out my other videos on how to get started on Healthy Keto.

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