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Is Botox Really Safe?

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 05/14/2021

Is botox safe? Here’s what you should know.


0:00 Botox explained

0:12 What is botox?

1:00 How deadly is botox?

1:30 What to know about botox

1:48 Is botox safe?

2:20 Bulletproof your immune system  

Let’s talk about botox—is it safe? Botox is an injection of a deadly bacteria called botulinum. This bacteria is a neurotoxin. In fact, it’s one of the most poisonous toxins known. Just 1 gram of this stuff could kill 1 million people.

Botox blocks the nerves that go to the muscle that’s injected. You’re no longer going to contract that muscle. 

Botox is considered safe, but from 1989-2003 the FDA reported:

• 1437 adverse events 

• 217 serious effects 

• 28 deaths 

Botox is given in very small amounts in certain parts of the body. You would want to make sure that the person injecting it is extremely competent with a lot of experience. 





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