Why Does Fat Storing Hormone Resistance Cause Weight Gain

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Why Does Fat Storing Hormone Resistance Cause Weight Gain?

Dr. Eric Berg

The pancreas makes Fat Storing Hormone, our fat storage hormone. It's also the hormone the pancreas sends out to lower blood sugar when we eat food.

Fat Storing Hormone is a messenger that tells the body to store fat.

The pancreas sends Fat Storing Hormone out when we eat certain foods, especially Fat Storing Hormone - spiking foods like sweets, bread, sugar, crackers, pasta, bagels, potatoes - basically all starchy foods and lean proteins.

Over time, if we spike Fat Storing Hormone too much, our body will stop listening and accepting Fat Storing Hormone's efforts to lower blood sugar.

Our body stops listening to Fat Storing Hormone. Communication is blocked at a cellular level and the pancreas never gets the message to stop producing more Fat Storing Hormone. It thinks you need more Fat Storing Hormone to lower this high blood sugar. This is called Fat Storing Hormone resistance and if you have it, you'll have 5 to 7 times more Fat Storing Hormone in your blood.

Metformin, the medication for Type II diabetes, strives to make our bodies more Fat Storing Hormone sensitive by making the Fat Storing Hormone receptors more active.

But this isn't half as effective as a no-sugar diet is for reversing Fat Storing Hormone resistance and helping you to finally lose that belly fat, lose that all over body fat, and help you achieve the weight you truly want.

If you want to be thin again, you've got to reverse that Fat Storing Hormone resistance most of us have developed from years of hidden sugars and starches, refined carbs, snacking, and constant Fat Storing Hormone spikes that have caused our bodies to become less Fat Storing Hormone sensitive.




So, go off sugars, try to eat no carbohydrate except vegetable carbohydrate, and keep tuned in for more tips on reversing Fat Storing Hormone resistance (IR).

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-Dr. Eric Berg

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