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How To Test For Adrenal Fatigue

By Dr. Eric Berg DC
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Our Educational Content is Not Meant or Intended for Medical Advice or Treatment

How to Test for Adrenal Fatigue

This is not a diagnosis for adrenal diseases. I’m just teaching you this so that you will have clues on potential symptoms from your adrenals, but go to your doctor to confirm it.

Severe Symptoms that Go with Adrenal Function

Severe symptoms with adrenal functions are:

  • You can’t sleep: Maybe you exhausted at 9pm and then if you don’t go to between 9 and 10, you miss that cut off, you start waking up and you really can’t get back to sleep. Now, it takes 90 minutes because you missed the wave. Then you get up at 2am you are very wide awake. You will also will feel like you need a nap.
  • Achy inflammation: You are running out of the ant-inflammatory hormones and your entire body is achy.
  • Brain fog: Hard to focus, go in the room and can’t remember why you went in there, you read a book but you can’t absorb it.
  • Low tolerance: people get on your nerves easily and your edgy.
  • Breathing issues: when you go up the stairs and your legs feel heavy. At night you can’t get enough air. Your PH is too alkaline.
  • Sinus: can get congested and allergy problems.

The Ragland’s Test

Do you get dizzy when you stand up?

If you are laying down for a few minutes, then take your blood pressure and then you take it again after you stand up – this is a test to measure adrenal function called the Ragland’s Test.

Normal blood pressure is 120 over 80. When you stand up the systolic (the first number – “120”) should go up 6 to 10 points, normally. With adrenal fatigue, it will go down or it goes excessively too high.

The adrenal is a survival gland that helps you to cope with stress. Standing up is a little bit of gravity stress.Your body will then adapt and raise the blood pressure to adapt to that position changed.

If you didn’t adapt to that gravity stress, there wouldn’t be enough blood flow to the brain and you will pass out, thus the symptom of dizzy when you stand up too fast.

Another way you check your body, you can run up the stairs and if you run out of breath or have heavy legs then that is an adrenal issue.

What happens is the adrenal gland has an outside soft gland tissue and it also has an inside. The inside is all gland tissue; the outside is all nerve tissue which produces hormone-like messages called neuro transmitters.

Adrenaline is there to activate certain things like if you are being chased by the tiger, the artery has to open up to the heart and the lungs.

The adrenal tissue is part of the adrenal system of a stress response. The sympathetic nervous system or the flight or fight mode. Flight or fight is a survival mode that we all have in our bodies.

We are being stressed out by:

  • The News
  • Other People
  • Threaten Financial Disasters
  • Losses
  • Worrying which is equivalent to physical trauma.

With Adrenal fatigue you start over thinking and over analyzing everything. I know it’s hard to turn it off, but really you have to realize what is happening, you’re losing or you have lost your SPACE.

The best thing you can do is create space by going on a walk or a hike. Get outside and get your attention on something else.

Do this for an hour or longer because what this will do is, chill out the adrenals and allow it to heal better versus going to the gym behind the treadmill. You really have to balance out the entire day of activity.


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