How to Lose Weight After Giving Birth

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

It is normal that most women gain weight whenever they are pregnant. However, this increased weight may not be healthy and so it is always important that after giving birth, look for ways on how to cut it down. There are several ways through in which you can be able to lose weight after giving birth. However, you have to note that it will require dedication and discipline in order to ensure that you burn those unwanted fats from your body.


Below are some of the ways you can pursue to guide you on how to lose weight after giving birth:


  • Breastfeeding

Feeding your baby on breast milk every day is one of the most efficient ways of losing weight after you have delivered. Through breastfeeding, you will be losing about 500 calories a day which is one way of cutting down weight. However, it is recommended that you offer your body the nutrients required for the production of the extra 500 calories to ensure that you would not be starved of energy because of breastfeeding.


  • Invest in 'Super Foods'.

When you are a mother, your body needs proper nutrition to ensure that both you and your baby are in good health. It is advisable that you take those foods that are heavy on the nutrients that you require during the time of nursing and less in calories and fats. 'Super foods' like fish, milk, lean meat, yogurt, and beans are among some of the best kinds of foods that you should eat. The reason why such foods are recommended is that they are rich in DHA and calcium among other nutrients that are vital for mothers who are nursing and in need of losing weight.


  • Indulge in simple and less strenuous exercises.

Little exercises are good for cutting down excess fats after giving birth. However, you have to ensure that you have properly healed up to begin the exercise plan. Indulge in simple aerobics to help in burning excess calories and keeping your bones and muscles strong. You can ask your doctor about the best workouts for you.

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