How to Grow Long Thick Eyelashes QUICKLY! - Dr. Berg

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

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Find out the best natural way to grow long, thick eyelashes fast.

0:00 Introduction: Growing thick long eyelashes

0:15 Eyelashes explained

3:28 What causes thin eyelashes?

4:40 How to grow long, thick eyelashes

7:45 Key takeaways

8:05 Check out my video on what causes a zinc deficiency and how to correct it!

Today we’re going to talk about how to grow long, thick eyelashes.

Eyelashes are made of protein. But, you need trace minerals to make amino acids, which then turn into proteins. When you’re missing certain trace minerals, devastating things can happen to your body.

When people lose their eyelashes or have thin eyelashes, it comes down to a deficiency of a specific type of prostaglandin.

Things that will help fix this deficiency:

1. Ricinoleic acid

• This acid can help correct the deficiency and helps regrow eyelashes. Ricinoleic acid is in castor oil. Just make sure the castor oil you buy is organic and cold-processed or unrefined.

2. Zinc

• Zinc is a trace mineral, and when you’re deficient in zinc, you can’t make the prostaglandin you need. If you take a zinc supplement, it’s best to get it from a quality supplement that contains a blend of all of the trace minerals.

How to grow long, thick eyelashes:

1. Take zinc

2. Use castor oil topically It’s important to understand symptoms like this and instead of covering them up, try to find the root cause.


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