How to Fix Kidney Stones

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/30/2023

There are several kinds of kidney stones but most of them are made of calcium oxalate. Another type is made of calcium phosphate. The least common type, that are about 20% of the stones, are uric acid crystals. The underlying causes of the formation of these renal stones are blood and body chemistry. If it isn’t right, your body is set up to build up the crystals.

Symptoms of a kidney stone include fluctuating pain at the side part, near the back. In severe cases, the pain gets to the lower abdomen and to the groin. It’s even more excruciating when urinating.

The pain is caused by the buildup of crystals in the tiny little tubules of the kidney. Conventional treatments for renal stone are more on pain control medications and on the facilitation of the passage of the urine. Lithotripsy or the use of shock waves to break down the stones is also used but can be expensive.

Avoiding high-oxalate foods is the best way to prevent the formation of stones.

Beer, cruciferous vegetables (except kale and cauliflower), chocolates, fruits, soy, beans, beets, and spinach are among the foods with the highest oxalate levels.

If you’re taking anti-acids, you’re driving a lot of calcium into the body that it can’t deal with them thoroughly, so it’s going to get stuck in the soft tissues of the kidney.

Calcium carbonate supplements and vitamins should also be avoided. Sugar and sodium (monosodium glutamate and those junk food) are also to be avoided. 

Instead, increase citrates by consuming citric acid from organic lemon juice. Taking one to three tablespoons of lemon juice in your water throughout the day would be great. Lime juice also gives the same effect. You might also like to try adding apple cider vinegar to your lemon or lime juice. Doing this on a regular basis can prevent and fix kidney stones.


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