Dr Berg on Sports Talk

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Dr. Berg on Sports Talk

The key for diabetics is potassium.

If you eat a lot of vegetables such as kale with potassium it is really going to help stabilize sugar in your blood and help with your vision, eyes, legs and feet.

All the symptoms of diabetic will start to clear right up.

From Dr. Berg's book '7 Principles of Fat Burning':

  • There are different body types, each influenced by your hormones.

  • Hormones are more critical than calories in weight loss.

  • You must be healthy first to lose the extra weight.

  • Environment factors can impact your fat-burning hormones.

  • Glands and hormone must be healthy to optimize weight loss.

  • Fat burning hormones have their own triggers.

Highest Vitamins and Nutrients from Food

Kale is high in nutrition and it is best to eat it raw.

You can put it in a shake as a meal supplement.

Morenga is a tree in Africa. It has 13 times more calcium than milk and 14 times the potassium than bananas.

You can get it in powder form and it is in a freeze dried container.

Hormones Preventing Weight Loss

When you are in your 20’s you can pretty much do any diet and it will work, but once you get into your 30’s and 40’s things change and your hormones shift.

At age 50 your hormones bottom out. You can’t do the same diets that other do.

You have to look at your hormones and heal them. There a lot of things you can do heal it.

If you have ovarian cysts you really have to watch your estrogen makes cyst and don’t eat soy or soy products.

One glass of soy is equal to one birth control pill. You can eat cruciferous vegetables like kale and broccoli really help and balance the estrogen.

Only eat organic butter and meats without hormone.

Fruit and Fruit Juice

Most minerals and vitamins are destroyed in fruit once it is juiced.

You always want to eat your foods in a whole form because the fiber in the whole fruit will buffer that Fat Storing Hormone that causes fat (Dr. Berg no long recommends fruit.)

When it comes to fruit juice the vitamins that some companies put in there are synthetic and are not good for you.

The sugar content is even worse. Even a little sugar will block all 6 fat burning hormones for 24 hours and everything you did the day before as far as exercise.

Vitamin D Overdose

Too much Vitamin D can be toxic because it is gat soluble which means it doesn’t flush out of the body very easily.

A normal body needs about 1200 mg of vitamin D but there are people out there who are taking 50,000 mg per day.

When your adrenal gland is blocked you can’t absorb vitamin D.

I recommend trying to get vitamin D from a natural source and lower the amount taken in a supplement.

The best natural source is cod liver oil and the sun.

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