6 Herbs Toxic to Your Liver

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

There are many herbs that are good for the liver, but not all herbs are beneficial. Here are 6 herbs toxic to your liver.


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There are many beneficial herbs for the liver. Many herbs that are bitter have all sorts of phytochemicals that support the liver. Milk thistle and stinging nettle root are two very powerful herbs for the liver. Plants like dandelion greens may also be good for the liver.

But, there are also herbs that are toxic to the liver in large amounts. The herbs I’m going to cover don’t affect everyone, but they can affect some people.

6 herbs that are toxic to the liver:

1. Kava kava

This herb is great for relaxation and to help get rid of stress. But, many companies sell products that contain the whole plant, including the stems and leaves, which are a bit more toxic to the liver than the roots. Kava kava should never be taken with drugs or alcohol because it can hold the chemical in the liver longer, creating damage. Your saliva has certain enzymes to deal with the toxicity that could affect the liver. So, the traditional way to use kava kava is to chew the roots and spit them out.

2. Chaparral

This herb has been used for over 50 different ailments. But, it has been banned in many different countries and has been known to be poisonous. Even though you can still buy it, I would choose safer herbs to avoid any potential problems. This herb may affect the liver’s ability to detoxify.

3. Germander

This herb has been used as a natural remedy for many different things. But, unfortunately, it could lead to hepatitis and liver cirrhosis in a certain percentage of the population.

4. Impila

This herb can be highly toxic to the liver and kidneys in certain people, so I would avoid it.

5. Red clover

This herb can potentially create a toxic liver in humans. While it may be good for some health issues, it can also negatively affect the liver. Be sure when you choose to take an herb for an ailment that it won’t cause problems for another area of the body.

6. St. John’s wort

This herb can be very beneficial if someone has depression or anxiety. However, it shouldn’t be combined with medications. There are many different complications with this herb and other medications. It might not directly cause liver damage, but it could cause liver damage indirectly by concentrating the other medications.










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