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A Fatty Liver Spreads to all Your Organs

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 10/08/2021

If you have a fatty liver, all of your organs could be fatty, too—find out why!


0:00 Introduction: Fatty liver is really fat in all your organs

0:34 How fat affects your organs

1:15 How to test for fatty liver disease

1:57 The best way to combat a fatty liver

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In this video, we’re going to talk about why fatty liver is really fat in all your organs.

There’s this idea that having a fatty liver is an isolated problem—that it’s not related to the health of your other organs. However, fat from your liver spills into other organs.

If you have a fatty liver, you also have fat in and around your other organs and tissues.

Fat can spill off into your:

• Muscles

• Kidneys

• Heart

• Blood vessels

• Pancreas

The more fat you have around your organs, the less function they will have. Excess fat also causes inflammation.

As an example, when your liver is fatty, it lowers your ability to produce bile, detoxify, produce proteins, create clotting factors, and much more.

One of the best tests to predict a fatty liver is to have an ALT (liver enzymes) test. High ALT indicates a fatty liver. Another useful tool is to take a triglycerides test.

Around 20% of people who have a fatty liver end up with cirrhosis (liver scar tissue). This can put you in a position where you need a liver transplant.

The best way to combat a fatty liver is to go on a low-carb diet. Carbohydrates are the leading cause of high insulin, which causes your liver to store fat. Going low-carb for just two weeks can lower your liver fat by almost 50%.

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