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Can Ascites Be Fixed?

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

This is what I would do if I had ascites. 


0:00 What is ascites? 

0:38 What causes ascites? 

1:15 Other symptoms 

2:54 What I would do if I had ascites 

4:12 Share your success story! 

Today, let's talk about ascites. Ascites is a condition where someone's belly is protruded like a basketball. But it's not fat. It's mostly fluid. The liver is leaking certain fluid into a sack around the abdominal organs. 

The most common cause of ascites is cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is a condition where the liver has scar tissue that's overwhelming the function of the liver. Now, the liver can't function properly and is leaking fluid into the gut. 

Other potential causes of cirrhosis are:

• Cancer

• TB

• Pancreatitis 

• Heart disease  

Associated symptoms:

• Portal hypertension 

• Edema in the lower legs 

• Bruising 

• Gynecomastia 

• Vomiting blood

• Confusion and cognitive dysfunction (potential remedies for this include: lactulose, sauerkraut, veggies, a moderate amount of protein, l-glutamine) 

If I had ascites, I would start:

• Intermittent fasting

• Taking milk thistle 

• Taking vitamin E (tocotrienols)

• Taking selenium 

• A low-carb diet 



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