3 Weird Causes of Chronic Fatigue

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Sometimes, frequent exhaustion is more than what meets the eye. There are many well-known causes of chronic fatigue. Some of these are poor sleep or the lack thereof, bladder and sinus problems, and late digestion. 

However, there are those that you’d probably find odd.

The first weird cause of frequent exhaustion are old head injuries. In the case of my previous patient, an old head injury caused chronic fatigue on a specific part of the body. For cases like this, observe intently which part is often fatigued and start assessing from there. The second example is low immune system. 

The third odd cause of chronic fatigue is ovarian problems. 

Women are susceptible to this as they have monthly menstrual flow that can either be light or heavy. Hormonal changes can throw a woman into a whirlwind of emotional and physical dilemmas. At times, your exhaustion doesn’t spring from a rigid activity but can be due to underlying causes like the mentioned cases above. 

Chronic fatigue mustn’t be ignored. If you’re experiencing this for a while now, better heed your body and address the possible cause.


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